About Us

Coffee Fuzz was founded and the creation by Timothy Carry.


The concept of this site then and now is simple—-explore the complex and diverse world of coffee and its beans and conduct in-depth tasting reports for the coffee lovers and readers.


This website has been founded to become an influential coffee reviewing guide for the Coffee People and a place where knowledgeable coffee lovers and other like-minded individuals can share opinions.


CoffeeFuzz.com Expedition & Mission:


The goal of this site is to not to only inform but also entertain the coffee drinkers with easy-to-use coffee guides.


If you are new to this site then Welcome.


We encourage you to read the passionate story of the Coffee enthusiast and the founder of Coffee Fuzz himself-


The Story:


“Hi, I’m Timothy Cary – this site celebrates coffee and inspires others to enjoy better cups of coffee, brewers, and roaster.

timothy carry


In fact, this website is dedicated to honor the beverage, coffee, and bring the very best of coffee infotainments.


It all started almost 2 years back when I started reviewing and rating the specialty coffee shops around my area.


I always wanted the coffee lovers to get the real insight of various specialty coffee shops and the cultures of cafes and they always trusted me.


In my spare time, I shared my coffee experiences on the social groups and somehow the coffee lovers enjoyed my coffee opinions and always found them informative.


My passion for Coffee- has in fact created an emotional attachment – a special kind of bond between the online social coffee community and me- myself.’’


My memorable journey of coffee does not end here. After my popularity on social media and groups, I devoted my time personally getting to know each and every one of his coffee-fan readers.


I would host small online coffee meetups or small talk sessions brewing up among themselves on how to make the cup of coffee special and share tad-bits on coffee roasting, tasting, and its quality.

It was then when I was suggested by my fellow coffee companions to start a personal blog just for the Coffee.



The On-Set of Coffeefuzz:


Inspired by the popularity in reviewing coffee shops and coffee products, I started this blog to reward the coffee lovers with the most useful coffee information available online.


To provide the audience with the best contents I would sometimes go a little bit further and step into my bewildering adventures of coffee experiments, brewing, and coffee recipes. 


Thank you for reading this Long about me section & hope I didn’t bored you at the end!


Feel free to drop me a message anytime.