Coffee Making Tips (Ultimate Cheat Sheet Into Brewing A Perfect Cup Of Coffee)

Here, we got you covered with barista-approved Coffee Making Tips to boost up your knowledge on making the best cups of coffee.

Bring out your coffee journal and note down the ‘know-how’s’.

With things up-tight among our coffee lovers, we decided that its high-time to tap into our local baristas. What we came up with is immensely satisfying!

Here’s our gift to you sharing our knowledge on making ‘the high-quality coffee shop’ type coffees at home.


Barista-Approved Coffee Making Tips : How To Make A Perfect Cup Of Coffee?

Barista coffee guide

  1. Good Coffee Beans is the key to brew up a perfect cup of coffee. Prefer whole bean coffees other than grounded ones. So, the next time you are at your shopping spree keep in mind to buy the whole beans and grind it yourself. The end result will be a fresher and a more flavorful cup of coffee.
  1. With whole beans in your hand grind only the amount of coffee beans required. Grind your coffee beans right before brewing.
  1. Filtered water matters when it comes to coffee-making. Now you know, make it a point to brew your coffee with hot filtered water ( preferably 205°F) .
  1. That being said, brewing methods and roasting the coffee beans matters the most on yielding the taste and flavor to your cup of coffee.
  1. While there are countless coffee brewing methods, you should not keep yours coffee creativity stuck with one single method. A true coffee connoisseur is known to try different brewing methods to achieve different flavorful cups of coffee. Put simply, coffee brewing method at home involves a lot of Trial & Error until the desired result is obtained. 


Best Coffee brewing methods according to the barista experts




Exploring the Best Coffee Brewing Methods needs your full focus and certain levels of techniques.

Best if you can avail the Coffee Brewers. Some popular Single Serve Coffee Brewers suitable for home are Nespresso, Tassimo and Keurig.





The most budget-friendly way to brew and make the perfect cup of coffee can be done by opting for the inexpensive Manual Coffee Makers. For instance; French Press, Aeropress

Side by side, Hamilton Beach 12- Cup Coffee Maker is currently the cheapest coffee maker available.

The baristas however recommended us with the smart coffee makers rather than Brewers or Grinders. Why? We were told- the all-in-one coffee machine  and  smart coffee makers serves  as the muti-purpose tool for making cups of coffee at home.

Currently at 2018, there are loads of budget friendly Coffee Makers which grinds and brews coffee beans and then finally prepare the best brewed coffee for you.

So your safe bet will be the Coffee Makers which comes with brewing and grinding functions.



Different Coffee Brewing Methods & How It Works –


The propaganda of coffee-brewing techniques and methods if number-listed will provide you with almost 20+ brewing-methods.

Additionally you will be objectified ubiquitously that finding and practicing the mysterious 1 winning brewing method among the 20+ brewing methods is the key way to make the perfect cup of coffee.


Now, let’s stay objective.

Allow me to “precisely”  inform you about the official ” coffee brewing methods” and what you get to know here, is not biased at all.

Coffee is coffee; coffee is for caffeine kicks.

Brewing coffee simply means boiling the coffee in water.

The caffeine amount in brewed-coffee is always around 80-135 mg. The caffeine amount shifts from 80 mg to 135 and so does the taste shift from milder to stronger depending on the time you spend brewing the coffee beans.

The longer you brew the coffee beans in water, the stronger it gets with its caffeine amplified.

There is no rocket-science in it!


With this being said, for your needed caffeine-fix, – feel free to brew and boil your coffee beans in water by any methods you can imagine.


10 Basic Brewing Methods (Mostly Used in baristas, offices, dormitories and in our home):


  • French Press
  • Espresso
  • Cold-brew
  • Aeropress
  • Turkish Brew
  • Percolator
  • Moka Pot
  • Pour Over



What Are The Best Coffee-Brewing Method?


First thing’s- first.

Here, our issue is your regular morning coffees. That means coffee brewing method needs to be as less complicated as possible. Time is also a huge factor.


Now at a certain cold morning to get your fast caffeine kick would you prefer to first grind the coffee beans then roast and then brew and then… God Forbids!  Stay stoned in the forever brewing methods?


SO, if you are not on a spree of starting a small e-retail coffee business, your best bet will be to follow the Pour-over Coffee brewing method when at home.



What Are The Best Way To Make A Perfect Cup Of Coffee At Home?


When at home brewing the cup of coffee can in no way be complex neither does your coffee beans need to go through expensive brewing machines.


At home, keep things simple and   stick to our COFFEE Cheat Sheet –


When a good taste and flavor intact cup of coffee is needed at home you should ASAP stop yourself falling in the ‘complex barista brewing method’ loopholes.


 A Perfect Cup of Coffee Calls For –

  • Most essentially staying focused
  • Good Quality Coffee Beans
  • Good Grinding and brewing for optimal time
  • Clean Filtered and Water
  • Accurate coffee to water Ratio.


With the ‘first three’ already covered at the beginning, let’s now come to the final point of coffee: water requirements for YOUR 1 cup of officially perfect coffee.


Too much coffee; it’ll taste bitter.

Too much water; it’ll taste weaker.


So, how do you fix your bitter-tasting/weak sloppy cup of coffee?

It’s all about the coffee to water ratio when making the good cup of coffee.


To be precise, for 1 cup of coffee, aim for 1 tablespoon of ground coffee with 6 Ounces of water.


So, How Much Coffee Do You Use For 8 Cups?


Leave the task of back-calculations to us while you simply, multiply your cups of coffee needed with 2 tablespoons of coffee. Thus you will need 8×2=16 tablespoons of coffee for 8 cups.

Mastering these points is the most hassle-free sure-fire way to make a perfect cup of coffee at home. Of course things are a bit different if you are going to open an e-retail coffee shop.

Wait for it!

We are covering on it too- maybe at this weekend!

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