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Drinking Coffee Benefits : Good or Bad For the Body?

Why people drink coffee?  Why do you drink coffee?

The answer differs from person to person.

Some coffee-drinkers like the taste and some like the energetic aftermath. But, is there any health benefit? This is our discussion today.


Experts have been researching on coffee for a long time. Their researches ended up with a mixture of results.

For example, this beverage has the power to increase the energy level. At the same time drinking coffee is the reason for the bone loss!

You can look older than the reality for the excessive caffeine addiction.


The health benefits of coffee are so many.

This reduces the risk of liver cancer. Coffee enables a person to achieve a longer life. The eye gets sharper and more powerful for a regular consumption of coffee.

A daily cup of coffee can reduce the risk of sudden heart failures. Again, coffee contains caffeine that may not suit your health!

It causes hassles for the digestive system. Patients of hypertension should not drink this tasty beverage. Instead of having such side-effects, people love drinking coffee.



We will discuss it in the following sections. Let’s have a look.


What Attracts People to Drink Coffee?

Drinking Coffee tips

Well, the coffee itself is the attractor. The sweet fragrance and brownish color give an invitation to the drinker.

The first sip of coffee is always the best one. And, the people in Egypt used to call it the “wine of Arabia” because of such a feature.

The other reasons for being the most popular drink in the world are hereby given:


Variety: Coffee is not served in just a single flavor! A lot of varieties have been introduced since the first discovery of coffee beans.

Cappuccino is a sweet, impressing, and a popular variety of the beans.

Black coffee, on the other hand, has a different type of sturdy flavor. The preference also differs by time, location, and reason.


Flavor: The mesmerizing flavor of coffee can make anyone fall in love with it. The roasted beans provide a fragrance right after the first touch of boiled water.


Energetic: Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most useful drinks for enhancing the energy level.

People consume coffee in case of any pressure of work or tremendous occupational hazards.

Such an increment in the energy level has made it a great beverage.


Healthy: People find their health benefits more attractive than side effects. We are going to discuss more this in the latter segments. So, continue reading.


Family Drink: Anyone can drink coffee instead of infants. So, this universality has made this a family-friendly beverage.


What are the Key Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee?

Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee


Now, we are in serious business! Are the health benefits of coffee real? I assure you that all of them are scientifically proven.

Health and nutrition specialists have suggested coffee as an outstanding beverage if taken limitedly. You see, the limited means less than four cups a day. Take a quick look at the benefits.


• Energy Level


The instant effect of coffee is the boosted energy level. A cup of coffee has enough caffeine to make your brain smarter. How can a beverage increase the brainpower?

Well, continuous researches on the effects of coffee have made it clear to us.

Coffee mixes with blood cells and reaches the brain. A particular neurotransmitter, known as Adenosine creates fatigue and boredom.

Did you ever feel sleepy while solving a boring math question?

It happens because of the adenosine. Coffee directly stops the neurotransmitter for a while.

So, you can continue working without any sense of fatigue after drinking a cup of coffee.


• Fiber

Coffee beans contain one of the most important elements for our body, the fiber.

Green vegetables and fresh fruits are generally the regular sources of fiber. But coffee beans are richer in the amount of fiber.

Why fiber is required for the body? Simple, fiber strengthens the muscles and helps in burning body fat. Wait, what? Yes! Coffee should enter your diet chart.

All you need to aware of is the sugar. Rather than taking a spoonful of sugar, try to consume as little as possible. This will keep you healthy and get the full benefit of coffee.


• Metabolic Rate

Another surprising advantage of drinking coffee is the balance of metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate enables burning fat faster than any other supplement. Coffee is known as a natural source of reducing fat. An increment of a 3-12% metabolic rate is possible while drinking coffee.

The only problem is that the advantage lasts for a short time. The caffeine-addicted brain requires more and more amount of consumption.

Can you do it? Uncontrolled coffee drinking can cause multiple problems. We will discuss them too.


• Physical Performance

The bored brain cannot drive the body properly. It needs some fuel. Coffee plays the role of fuel for the brain.

An instantaneous boosted physical strength can be experienced shortly after drinking a cup of coffee.

It happens because of the release of the adrenaline hormone. So, make the beverage a part of your daily routine.

You will enjoy how the body reacts and increases the performance promptly.


• Nutritive

Have you ever thought about how coffee can fulfill the nutritional need of your body? Most of us don’t think like that.

Coffee is amazingly nutritive for the body. A perfect cup of coffee serves vitamin b2 and b5, potassium, manganese, magnesium, and niacin.

Coffee reduces the requirement of taking supplements. The basic idea of the supplement is fulfilling the nutrition gap of the body.

The coffee has the power to enhance the nutritive value. This advantage adds up another bonus point for drinking coffee. Right?


• Type-2 Diabetes Preventer


Diabetes has become one of the most common diseases of people. Scientists found out two reasons for such a happening.

One is the lack of insulin secretion. Another is the stress hormone. Coffee prevents both of them.

As soon as the caffeine of coffee mixes with the blood, it starts elevating the blood sugar level. Consequently, it stimulates the pancreas to release insulin. The end result is a continuous flow of insulin. There is no risk of type-2 diabetes!

Stress hormones are the creator of stresses, hypertension, and negativities. Adenosine is one of them. Coffee plays a vital role in preventing the secretion of the stress hormones.

Rather, the adrenaline hormone increases when someone drinks coffee. This is the best hormone for having an elevated performance.


• Strong Memory Tonic

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc. are the most disturbing diseases among old people. If you want to take steps for preventing these from an early age, start drinking coffee.

This beverage has the power to protect your memories against any odd.

Coffee has a strong influence on the brain and neural system.

The caffeine strengthens the neural system and gives a structure to remember each incident properly.


• Liver-guard

Do you have a liver problem? Or, are you afraid of getting one? The essential importance of drinking coffee is guarding the liver against severe diseases.

Regular coffee drinking provides necessary nutrition to your liver for getting rid of cirrhosis. 4 cups of coffee every day and you are 80% safe from having any liver cirrhosis.


• Happiness Tonic

Do you get frustrated frequently? Have your inner personality died of depression?

Trust me, depression is a serious disease nowadays. And, the only way to fight it is by having a positive lifestyle and a good mindset. All are the functions of your brain.

Coffee is the happiness tonic for keeping you lively all the time. Whenever you feel dull or bored, make a cup of coffee and drink it! Depression will vanish like magic!


• Cancer-fighter

Who else has thought that coffee can prevent cancers? Yes. The coffee has the element to prevent uncontrolled tissue-growth such as cancer.

It directly fights against liver cirrhosis, colorectal, and similar categories of cancer. The only way of making your body protective is by drinking at least 2 cups of coffee every day. The aftermath will surprise you!


• Heart-saver

Coffee has a strong control of the heartbeat rate and blood pressure. One of the main reasons for heart failure is lacking awareness.

The basic outcome of coffee is a lowered heartbeat and elevated blood pressure. That means nothing can make you unstable when you are caffeinated.

It implies the drinking of coffee as a life-saving element. An approximate 20% risk of heart stroke is lowered by consuming this beverage on a regular basis.


• Lifespan Increaser

Sounds interesting? Coffee has the power to increase the average lifespan. It also increases the average concentration power.

Actually, enhanced physical performance increases the zeal to live longer than the others.

The limited amount of coffee every day makes your cell powerful and regenerates more productive cells. As a result, the risk of sudden death due to accidents or brain stroke decreases.


• Antioxidant for the Body

Naturally coffee contains the antioxidants to make your digestion faster and smoother. People mostly add the beverage to their diet to get a good digestive system.

Only Good Sides? Is There any Negative Side of Coffee?

Negative Sides of Coffee


Of course! We have stated that coffee consumption should be limited to four cups per day. Caffeine is good for energizing and similar performance enhancement. But it can cause long-term disorders.


Blood Pressure

The limited caffeine stabilizes blood pressure. But, if you exceed the limit, this will raise the pressure and you will feel really sick!

For caffeine-intolerance, this beverage can be vulnerable. To get the taste and flavor, it is best to drink decaffeinated coffee.



Early Mortality

Coffee increases lifespan, as well as excessive coffee, reduce the living time. Hypertension patients should avoid this beverage at any cost. Otherwise, this can cost life!



Heart Attack

The beverage secures your heart. At the same time, elevated pumping of blood causes sudden heart attacks. Keeping a limit within four is the only solution to the problem.



Breast Cancers

People, especially, women are the victim of this risk. Coffee can turn your life into a tissue-damaging condition. The development of breast cancer cysts can get faster for coffee-consumption.




To avoid sleep and dullness, coffee is perfect. But this can turn into insomnia if you do it frequently. Coffee is really good as a beverage, but not an ideal substitute for the bedtime milk!

So, avoid coffee before going to bed.



Migraines and Headaches

Caffeine overdose is a major reason for your migraine. Yes! Neurologists have suggested avoiding coffee as a remedy for headaches.

In a short time, this will start conditioning the brain and you might not able to get rid of a headache without a cup of coffee. The habit will turn to a dangerous situation when the brain demands more!




Not everyone is capable of drinking coffee. This happens because of the caffeine. An allergic condition arises for those. Rashes, hives, and pains are common for caffeine-intolerable persons.




Women must not be addicted to coffee after forty years of age. The menopause situation gets worsened when you grow a habit of caffeine. The body system cannot get adapted to the sudden change in the bloodstream.



Skin Diseases

Are you a heavy coffee drinker? Beware of the habit if you want glowing and healthy skin. Coffee overdose can lead to a permanent skin issue by destroying the collagen.


When Is the Perfect Time for Coffee?


You should add coffee right after breakfast, in-office hours, and before dinner.

Growing this habit will make your body fit for any task and any condition. Keep a limit of four cups per day.



When Should You Stop Coffee Consumption?


It depends on the prescription of your doctors. If you are hypertension or heart patient, you should start drinking decaffeinated coffee.

Better, you should practice taking green tea. Infants and children under six years of age should not take any sip of coffee.

Old people should drink it like a tonic. Actually, you should never stop until the doctor prescribes it. But the limit is the key to healthiness.



How Do You Think About the Effects of Coffee?


Is it helpful for your body? What do you think? Does it make you a better performer at the office?

Share your opinion with us. Include coffee in your diet plan and see the effects.

Let us know how your body is responding. Suggest anything you know about the advantages and disadvantages of coffee.

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