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What is Fair Trade Coffee

What Are The Importance of Fair Trade Coffee?

A lot of coffee production relies on local people being exploited and paid low wages, despite the actual high price in coffee markets worldwide.

It still remains the same despite the high cost of your cup of coffee in a place like Starbucks the majority of money actually goes to the retailer and middlemen involved in trading coffee commodities.


1. The Inspiring Motto: In this large chain, coffee houses will reduce the price paid to farmers because of their huge weight in the market. And Fair Trade Coffee is produced for the Fair Trade organization based on the idea that the laborers who produce the coffee are protected and deserve to gain a fair wage for a fair day’s work.

coffee house outside

Fair Trade Coffee tends to cost a little more than standard coffee, but when people buy it they know that they are making an ethical choice.


2. Justice for the Laborers: Fair Trade Coffee helps to bring the truth about low wages in the world of coffee production to all of the coffee drinkers who often actually have no real clue as to how it is made.

how coffee production works

Before Fair Trade, many workers on the coffee plantations were mistreated. With Fair Trade Coffee, the plantations involved have a fantastic record on the rights of their workers.

The conditions remain safe for the workers and they have to be paid a fair wage for the work they do.


3. The Quality & Standards: However, the focusing factor is not just on economic and social justice for coffee workers but it also includes providing high-quality coffee as well.

fair trade bean coffee workers

So, if you enjoy the coffee you can also get a warm feeling of helping others when you choose Fair Trade Coffee. You need to identify the Fair Trade logo on packs of coffee beans.

This logo will not appear on products if standards for workers on particular plantation haven’t been certified as coming up to the standards of Fair Trade Coffee.


The Details of Green Unripe Coffee Beans

Green Unripe Coffee Beans for coffee process

There is no doubt that once you get into “Coffee”, you will desire to visit coffee suppliers and will get to talk to the people involved and other shoppers.

Coffee tastes may be described in a similar way to that in which wine tasting is done.

As a result, you may hear some of the following terms related to the 4 main categories of description: 

  • Flavor- Words such as sweet and spicy are often used. 
  • Aroma- Words such as flowery and chocolaty may be used. 
  • Body- Words such as medium and full bodied are often used. 
  • Acidity- Words such as sharp or clean may be used to describe the taste of the coffee.

You could try describing various coffees you have tasted using these words so that you get a sense of what people mean when they are ‘talking coffee’.

Bitter Coffee Better Health guide

Bitter Coffee Better Health [6 ways coffee help you live longer]

Breakfast remains incomplete without a cup of coffee. This wonderful drink energizes us with its rich aroma that instantly stimulates our nervous system and gives us relief from drowsiness.

Coffee ranked second after oil as worldwide most traded commodities list.

Coffee has a long history back in 850 when a goat harder named Kaldi found that his goats got excited and energized after eating the fruits of the tree. He then tried the fruit and found himself bit energized. That is for the first time human being got the taste of this wonder drink.

Eventually coffee traveled from Ethiopia to Yemen through the help of Arab traders. Yemen dominated the coffee market for a long time.

To monopolize the product they restricted carrying any live plant from Yemen but failed. Coffee plantation and trade spread to four corners of the globe in course of time.

Few people are there who does not enjoy drinking coffee. But most us not fully aware about the health benefits of drinking coffee.


6 Benefits that help you live longer-Amazing facts about coffee


 1. Increase energy level and feels refreshed

You feel energetic when you finish drinking a cup of coffee after long working hours. The element known caffeine is responsible for this effect.

Caffeine stimulates our nervous system and brain functions =- such as memory, mood, vigilance and energy level. Ultimately these benefits are precondition for a healthy and longer life span.

2. Provide some essential nutrients

coffee Provide some essential nutrients

A single cup of coffee contains certain percentage important nutrients that are referred by physicians.

A cup of coffee contains

Vitamin B3 2% of the referred daily intake.

Manganese and Potassium 3% of referred daily intake.

Vitamin B2 11% of referred daily intake.

Vitamin B5 6% of referred daily intake.

These important vitamins and minerals enrich human body and help to maintain a healthy life.

It seems that the amount of vitamins and minerals are negligible in consideration to total requirements but people normally drink several cups in a day can fulfill significant portion of daily requirements from coffee.

3. Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Research shows that coffee drinking helps to prevent risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes appeared as an epidemic. It has turned to be a global concern.

Millions of people around the world is suffering from diabetes 2. Due to some reasons coffee drinking reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a killer disease so it is good for those who can prevent it by drinking coffee daily.

4. Protect Dementia and Alzheimer

Protect Dementia and Alzheimer with coffee

Coffee drinking reduces the risk of two diseases that turns a person’s life into hell. Yes they are Alzheimer and dementia which are non curable.

We know coffee act on our nervous system that takes care about our neurodegenerative problems successfully.

5. Protect lever

Most important organ of our body is lever. Especially lever cirrhosis kills a large number of people around the world. Scientists reveled that drinking few cups of coffee regularly reduce the risk of lever cirrhosis significantly. To keep our lever function perfect.

We need to drink coffee regularly. Most people are not aware of such benefits. They just drink coffee to wonderful taste and aroma of a cup of coffee or at best to relieve their body and mind from tired and drowsiness.


6. Reduce Mental Disorder and Attempts to Suicide

Reduce Mental Disorder and Attempts to Suicide

One more amazing power of coffee is reducing the mental disorder. Coffee helps to keep people in a jovial mood and as such people feel less frustrated.

We know absolute frustration leads to the tendency of suicidal attempts. We normally see that people tend to drink more coffee whenever they are in extreme anxiety or stress.


Be cautious. But why?

As we know the multiple benefits of coffee but at the same time we need to realize that excessive drinking of coffee could be harmful as well.

The said problems could be like Insomnia, Indigestion, addiction rapid heart rate increased urination etc. So don’t forget to drink coffee but main the upper limit of not more than 4 cups in a day.

More over some people become addicted to drinking coffee they take several cups of tea in one sitting. To increase the taste of coffee they add more sugar milk and cream that increases the sugar level and calories.

Just to reduce the bitter taste of raw coffee they do it. So be cautious don’t become addicted or try to make it more taste. Try to remember little bitter taste is better for your health.

Does Decaf Coffee Have Caffeine explained on this blog

Does Decaf Coffee Have Caffeine – Things You Must Know About Decaf or Decaffeinated Coffee!

Why do people drink coffee? One of the major reasons is to get energized from caffeine.

What will happen if your doctor or nutritionist advises you to cut caffeine intake? Should you give up this amazing beverage?

Not at all! Decaf coffee is the most suitable beverage to keep up your habit without avoiding the advice from your doctor. The question is “does decaf coffee have caffeine?” Yes, it does. But in a very slight amount that will not affect your health. On an average, a 236ml (8 ounces) cup of decaf coffee contains 7mg caffeine.

7mg is comparatively a lower amount of caffeine when you know that regular coffee contains 70-140mg caffeine!  The article is going to illustrate the details of decaf coffee and caffeine in decaf coffee.


What is Decaf Coffee?

A wrong, yet general thinking is that decaf coffee or decaffeinated coffee is totally free from caffeine. Actually, coffee that contains caffeine under the USDA-regulated value (which is 0.10%) is decaf or decaffeinated coffee.

And, of course, decaf coffee is not a separate genre of coffee. Through any of three decaffeination process, the manufacturer removes the amount of caffeine from it.

About the taste of decaf coffee, it is the same as regular coffee. The only thing that matters is you will not have to suffer from caffeine-sensitivity or anxiety disorder or kidney issues after consuming it.


Who Does Drink Decaf Coffee?

If you are health conscious, decaf coffee is for you. Regular coffee might give you prompt alertness or energy, but decaffeinated coffee helps to keep your health well.

  • Caffeine-sensitive: The most typical reason for choosing decaf coffee is having caffeine-sensitivity. It might wonder you that around 11% of people are not comfortable with caffeine. For some of them, caffeine affects sleep. If you understand how caffeine works, it will be easier to understand why decaf coffee is a good beverage for people.

Caffeine helps in creating an artificial environment in the human brain. Now, think what would happen if you consume a cup of coffee during your leisure time? A caffeine sensitive person will not be able to tolerate the effect. Decaf coffee is the best option for these people.

  • Anxiety Patients: People with anxiety disorders have to always stay calm. Caffeine not only enhances energy but also creates some extra tension in your body. Though it is good for productivity, anxiety patients will have to suffer a lot. They cannot become compatible with the extra tension on the body.

Psychiatrists strictly forbid consuming coffee for patients with anxiety or hypertension. Decaf coffee will be a good alternative to avoid extra energy, tension, or anxiety.

  • Kidney Disorders: Coffee is a cure for liver diseases. On the contrary, excessive caffeine consumption leads the kidney to a vulnerable condition. Then, how can you balance between them? Studies show that the amount existed in the decaf coffee is not harmful to kidneys.

Rather than suffering from kidney issues, you should start taking decaf coffee. It will keep your liver healthy without affecting kidneys.

  • Everyone: Decaf coffee is suitable for everyone. It is not essential to drink this beverage only at work, right? If you feel that caffeine is disturbing your sleep or daily activities, this is the perfect time for switching to decaffeinated coffee.

Does Popular Coffee Chain Serve Decaf Coffee?


Coffee chains are well-aware of how to serve people healthy drink. All of the popular food chains and coffee chains serve decaffeinated coffee. As per USDA terms, they keep the amount of caffeine under 0.10% in their coffee.

Here is a little comparison list for top three coffee chains about their decaf coffee service.

Coffee Chains

295 to 354 ml 414 to 473 ml 591 to 701 ml
McDonald’s 7.93mg 10.97mg 14-18mg
Starbucks 20mg 25mg 28mg
Dunkin Donuts 6.85mg 8.72mg



If you take a look at the table carefully, you will understand that each of the food chains has maintained the minimum caffeine regulated by USDA in their coffees. However, decaf coffees served by these chains are way more popular for adding their own flavor.

For example, Starbucks has a reputation to personalize coffee for their customers. Decaf coffee has the option too!

In the café mocha of Starbucks, you will be able to add chocolate. It means you will not have to sacrifice your love for coffee. Rather you can have it in better flavor.

Decaffeination Process: Does it affect the test?

Absolutely not! Basically, decaffeination is an evaporation process. It removes caffeine from un roasted coffee beans.

After roasting beans, you will not feel any difference between the flavor of regular and decaf coffee. Three decaffeination processes are popular among coffee manufacturers. Let’s have a look at them.

Courtesy of

  1. Swiss Water: Simply, this is an osmosis process to extract caffeine from unroasted coffee beans. And, at most 99.95% caffeine can be extracted without affecting the flavor. You will be wondered knowing that manufacturers like Nescafe, Tora Bika, and Starbucks use Swiss Water to decaffeinate coffee beans.

Swiss water is also the most organic decaffeination process. The process has become popular for its inexpensive and outstanding outcome.

2. CO2 Process: Another organic, yet, less effective than Swiss Water decaffeination process is this one. CO2 is used for removing existent caffeine from green coffee beans.

3. Inorganic Process: A mixture of water, methylene chloride, and ethyl acetate are used for this process. Large industries use this evaporation process to extract caffeine properly. Though inorganic chemicals are used, none of them will be found once the beans are dried.

If you want to decaf coffee beans at home, I would suggest the Swiss Water osmosis process. It works perfectly and requires less chemical than the other processes.

All it requires for this decaffeination process is knowing how to apply the technique.


Benefits of Decaf Coffee in Everyday Life

I think we have already created a positive opinion about the benefits of drinking decaf coffee, right? Let’s take a look at the real benefits.

Mental Health

Decaf coffee keeps your mental health balanced. Like tea, it fills your desire to drink the beverage. Without having any boundary, you can truly enjoy the sip of coffee.

Psychiatrists often suggest drinking decaffeinated coffee to their hypertension patients to reduce their tension or anxiety.

Many corporate agencies have created a guideline about snacks while working in the agencies. Drinking decaffeinated coffee is one of them.


Physical Health

You can continue coffee without damaging kidneys. The key to keeping up with a good physique is drinking beverages which contain less harmful ingredients. What can be better than a cup of decaf coffee!

Your neural system will remain in a good condition. No extra tension in the body means you will not have to use extra energy. Also, decaf coffee is an alternative to regular coffee. It is not any threat to the body.


Final Context

Well, decaf coffee is not fully free from caffeine. It contains only the permissible percentage of caffeine. Regulations of health organizations like USDA, WHO suggests that the permissible amount in decaf coffee is 0.10%. The regular cup of Starbucks contains around 7mg caffeine which is completely ok for your body.

So, yes, it does contain caffeine and you do not have to be alarmed. Caffeine in decaf coffee has been kept under control. You can enjoy it without having any tension of anxiety, kidney issue or caffeine-sensitivity.

20 Coffee Healthy Benefits blog post

20 Healthy Secrets of Coffee [which Makes Coffee Taste Even Better]

Today, we’ll be uncovering some never-before-published secrets on coffee and its health benefits.

It’s about us, steering clear from widespread problems of coffee that is not made into news.

This maybe a recipe for your next Sunday morning of happiness and coffee galore.

It’s about breaking into the surrealistic world of a healthy addiction which can upgrade our lifestyle and Most Essentially it has got everything to do with coffee.


Can We Hack Our Body & Brain With Coffee? Can We Call ‘Coffee’ As A’ Health Food’?

Can Coffee Be The Next Liquid Gold? Where Do We Stand When It Comes To Health & Coffee?  How Far and To What Extent?


These confusions led us to research in-depth on evidence-based coffee facts.

On our pursuit for the final crowning achievement of what lies beneath the Coffee Health-Secrets, we carried several Coffee Trial-And-Error Tests.

Very soon we started to hack our brain, body and currently we are on the edge of making ourselves some true brain-hackers. All hail to the Coffee (indeed!). Throughout this rigorous research on coffee and its health benefits we drank vigorous cups of coffee.

This in turn, transformed our brain’s genes and proteins – which in turn transformed us into a whole new generation of coffee lovers.

And, yes we definitely unlocked some great answers and came up with some 20 best healthy secrets of coffee that (just like us) you should also know for the sake of mental-clarity.

Delve deeper….Because, these awe- inspiring and evidence-based secrets of coffee is for Anyone Who Loves Coffee.


20 Evidence Based Healthy Secrets Of coffee Which Makes Coffee Taste Even Better & Feels Good To Know:


20 Evidence Based Healthy Secrets Of coffee Which Makes Coffee Taste Even Better


1. Coffee’s Aroma can be An Unexpected Source Of Happiness

The warm welcoming freshly roasted coffee scent can be your unexpected source of happiness –that’s what research suggest.

In fact, you don’t even need to take a sip of coffee and magical things start to happen just the moment you start to brew coffee. Pour water over coffee grounds and simply within 30 seconds of the pre-brew stage the coffee’s aroma will start to send signal to your brain.

A second crack of coffee beans— and a host of process start in your body. Wake up next morning and brew some fresh ground coffee.

Take a sniff of it and you know it’s gonna be…a lovely day!

2. Coffee For Highest Brain Performance

New research sheds light on how a Caffeine-Fix from coffee may give your brain the jolt needed during the intense days of working tiresome.

So, what you may do is to optimize drinking coffee during work and simply take a sniff of coffee aroma when you get back home after a hard day’s night.

3. Coffee Keeps You Mentally Focused

Trouble paying attention? Trouble your mind no-more.

Because, drinking a cup of coffee will gives a caffeine surge.

This in turn, makes your cell start running. That in turn, makes your brain start rolling. Coffee’s all about intense action!


Time to drink coffee- let it hack your brain to bring on intense focus.

4. Drink Coffee To Lose Weight, Reclaim Energy

It’s like – Eat. Lose. Gain.

Rein in your appetite by drinking just a single cup of coffee and curb your hunger to lose weight while the caffeine-hits keep kicking your brain.

5. Coffee to Hack Hunger

Late night cravings? We all got that! But, we also got coffee body hacks rolled up in our sleeves.

Drinking black coffee is one way to free yourself from any sort of food cravings.

And, what’s best is that, adding a dash of cinnamon in your coffee results in a calorie-saving zero-cal beverage.

It’s time you write an Ode to Coffee!

6. A Cup Of Coffee To Bring Mind Clarity

Experience a noticeable difference by drinking an optimized cup of coffee each day.

An optimized coffee consumption brings mind clarity and focus to sustain without hyperactivity.

7. Coffee To Boost Your Energy Fast

Drinking a cup of coffee is one way to get an instant workday energy boost.

But, to keep the energy long-lasting there are things to consider. Too much of it and you’ll end up in a caffeine crash.


SO, how to get the coffee boost without the coffee crash?

The trick is to stay hydrated and drink coffee at a right time! Further discussion is down below:

8. Amp Up Your Coffee Game And Up Goes Your Life

Amp up your coffee game with a good mighty espresso machine or a Ninja Brewer.

Grab your holiday deal on a chic Espresso Machine Bundle offer and make perfect espresso drinks right  at home.

Whether you’re having or someone else is pouring – make it a chic coffee maker this Christmas.

9. Good Coffee Beans Vs. Conventional Coffee Beans And Health Effects

It’s important to choose your coffee beans wisely. Good ones are different than the conventional ones. Special bend of beans do not carry nasty contaminants.

What’s not to forget is that, – cheap ones will leave you feel jittery leading to sluggishness and brain wills start to betray you!

Be it an Organic one or an expensive coffee- all comes with harmful processing methods and hidden mold toxins which an invisible by-product.

When exposed to too much of mold toxins impacts cognitive performance. Not only that, mold on the coffee and having too much of it can cause serious damages as hypertension and what not.

10. Coffee To Prevent Chronic Diseases

Coffee consumption in moderate amount may help prevent- type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and liver disease. ((2006), 2007)

11. Coffee to relieve Migraines

Studies show that caffeine from drinking coffee does the job of getting a headache relief. Plus, it also helps in constricting too-wide blood vessels in brain which in turn gives a migraine-relief.

12. Get The Best Of Coffee For Mind And Body

It’s time that you upgrade your coffee. After all for a better action you do need better ones.

Avoid decaf coffee and essentially the natural processed beans. The natural processed coffee beans typically come with mold growth and that’s a sure no-no.

The best ones are the hand-picked coffee from single estate – the ones which are perfectly ripe and hand-picked for peak effectiveness.

That’s the way; you upgrade your coffee to the new height-standard for your maximum cognitive function.

13. Coffee For Better Physical Performance

Caffeine is indeed a drug of choice- an antidote in coffee to improve work performance. And, what’s best about coffee is that it improves exercise performance resulting in better physical performance!

Did you know that there is a renewed research interest on coffee related to sporting activities? What more?!

Since caffeine became a safe psychoactive drug from 2004, many well-trained athletes drink cups of coffee during competitions for prolonged endurance and better physical performance.

14. Feels Great And Tastes Even Better

Drinking a creamy cup of coffee is one way that feels great, tastes even better and this is how a cup of coffee can bring a new edge to your life!

15. Drink Coffee For its Psychoactive Drug Striking  An Unorthodox Genius in YOU

Now that you know caffeine is a psychoactive drug what can be the better source of it other than coffee?

It’s time to drink coffee, use the extra energy, perform like a rock-star and blow doors off your career!

16. With Coffee You Can Switch Things Up And Start Functioning Better

Certain times you’’’ find yourself to feel fatigued and need more coffee. Don’t fall in to the trap of Coffee’s siren calls and suffer from adrenal fatigue.

Stay strong with one cup a day limitation and it will no longer be a problem.

Grab a Black Americano for a no-nonsense crucial day and drink a Latte to chill and relax after all the crazy things just happened.

17. Coffee And Potential Health Benefits

Epidemiological studies reveal that drinking coffee helps in decreasing the risk of hepatic injury and cirrhosis. (La Vecchia, April 2005)

18. Hack Time & Sleep Better

Why do so many of us take coffee in the morning?  Maybe Starbucks told us to do so.

But, science shows us that drinking coffee at a different time can bring desired reactions which are actually beneficial.

For peak-performance drinking a cup of coffee just before hitting the bed restores alertness and caffeine starts to kick the moment you wake up!

19. Best Performance-Boosting Cup Of Coffee

The tricky recipe formula for the best performance boosting yet fundamentally creamiest and delicious cup of coffee is as follow:

Unsalted butter from grass-fed cow + 1 spoon of coconut oil+ coffee

Put all of the ingredients inside your coffee maker, click it on and bam –drive a coffee taste-test all by yourself!

20. Miracle Weight Loss Pill And All Hail To The Green Coffee Beans

Scientists have identified that green coffee bean offers weight loss benefits.

There is something to do with the chlorogenic acid in the green coffee which helps in tremendous weight loss benefits.

Luckily, you can also get green coffee bean supplements which come with more concentrated levels of beans, and there happens to be 100% super green coffee bean capsules for better weight loss.

This must be why; green coffee beans are earning increasing popularity.

There you go, with our final crowning achievement of 20-something healthy secrets of coffee — meticulously illustrated to perpetuate your coffee romance.

Time to hit the Christmas Edition of the very new Ninja Coffee Maker and nothing comes close than to gift your loved ones a cup of golden coffee- a Christmas morning joy – a cup of sure delight!

Most importantly, with all the newfound energy of coffee revealed – now it’s your turn to kick some ass on the upcoming morning and – there’s the mighty healthy cup of coffee to do the trick!!

What is Gourmet Coffee

What Is Gourmet Coffee (Demystifying the Gourmet Coffee’s Extravaganza)?

These days, drinking a cup of coffee is not only to have a caffeine fix.

As it turns out when looking for a cup of coffee, one will often also look for sophistication, and sometimes one will also want to achieve a different unique experience.

Though nothing can compromise the best cup of quality coffee yet these days there is a surprising new trend among the coffee aficionados.

Now a day the coffee lovers are expecting more than just a mere caffeine-fix. When it comes to coffee there is a growing urge for various flavors, extravaganza, and different new experiences.



With these growing expectations, the coffee brewers are leaving no stone unturned to serve their customers the very best cup of coffee enriched with exotic ingredients and offering complete new drinking experience.


Here comes the surge of Gourmet Coffee and the world of Gourmet Coffee seems to be ever-evolving with an increase in expectations and preferences of coffee lovers.

But then again, what does the term ‘Gourmet’ means?


Simply stated, derived from a term used by the French wine tasters back in 19th century the term ‘gourmet’ when included with any beverage will mean that it has reached a refined and premium standard and is usually served in the finest dining establishments.



What Is Gourmet Coffee?

From the market’s perspective, ‘Gourmet Coffee’ might mean a new ‘packaging’ and ‘labeling’ marketing tactic targeted for a niche market however….. There is more to it.

When it is a Gourmet coffee, there is more to it than the marketing gimmick and the quality of the beans used in it.

To make a point, Gourmet coffee apart from its high-quality content also offers the drinker a coffee drinking experience as unique and as fascinating as possible.

drinking coffee

A cup of coffee has to meet certain criteria to achieve the qualification of being a gourmet.

Gourmet coffee can sometimes be synonymous with specialty or premium coffee but it should not be confused.

Gourmet coffee comes with elaborative preparation, different ingredients, high flavors, and of course packaged premium.


What Makes A Coffee Gourmet?

A cup of coffee is gourmet when it comes to better grade and quality compared to the regular ones.

drinking Gourmet Coffee by a women

To make a point and to be more precise, real gourmet coffee comes from 100 % top-tier Arabica coffee beans cultivated in a completely different way.

It must be mentioned here, the majority of the grocery store-bought coffee comes with a mix of Arabica beans and Robusta.

The Arabica beans are superior beans and unlike the regular ones happen to be more aromatic and flavor- full.  The superior beans of the gourmet coffee are cultivated at high altitudes of hilly areas and highly-fertile volcanic soil.

Being cultivated in the volcanic soil these exclusively high-quality Arabica beans of the gourmet coffee are roasted for a precise time which imparts the beautiful fragrance and chocolate taste into it.



What Is The Difference Between Gourmet And Regular Coffee?


What Makes A Coffee Gourmet

The very underlying key difference between the regular and gourmet coffee is that gourmet coffee is made to taste different than the regular ones.


Gourmet coffees are extraordinary and come from 100% Arabica beans delivering richer aroma, texture and flavor compared to regular ones.


Gourmet coffee is supposed to deliver a unique coffee-drinking experience and comes with a high price tag considering the way of its production and packaging.


Gourmet Coffee Brands


To shake up the universe of hard coffee lovers and to bring distinction setting themselves away from the mainstream, coffee connoisseurs and brewers are introducing newer categories of luxury coffee premiums.

While in terms of serving the best gourmet coffee, some franchise stores such as – BIGGBY® COFFEE and Gloria Jean’s Coffees are known to be popular there are wide ranges of gourmet coffee brands available for coffee buyers.


To help to brew up your cup of coffee in a gourmet fashion, here is the list of the top coffee brands

  1. Kona Coffee Beans
  2. Dark Sumatru Mandheling Beans
  3. Allegro,
  4. Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Royale brand
  5. Kraft Foods’
  6. Maxwell House Premium Cup
  7. Sara Lee’s Chock full o’ Nuts New York Classics,
  8. Procter & Gamble’s Folgers Whole Bean)
  9. Flying Squirrel
  10. Blue Tokai
  11. Indian bean
  12. Illy Coffee, Espresso Ground, Medium Roast, 100% Arabica Bean Signature Italian Blend, Premium Gourmet Roast


The above is just a mere list when it is Gourmet Coffee we are talking about.

In fact, there are countless gourmet coffee roasters all around the world with coffee connoisseurs in search of exotic varieties.

It starts from the very part of Kenya offering affordable gourmet coffee to Africa providing varieties of gourmet coffee to the Ethiopian considered as the birthplace of coffee and ends to the Asians offering the most expensive gourmet coffee blends.

The list does not end here. For the gourmet coffee aficionados, the Caribbean coffee varietals is known to be second to none while Brazil, Panama, Colombia are known to be the world’s hottest gourmet coffee markets.


To Sum Up

That being said, coffee is a coffee after all.

What can a cup of coffee be without its good quality content in it? And time to time we can after all afford ourselves the luxuries of indulging in the extravaganzas offered by the gourmet cup of coffee.

It won’t be a crime and neither will it be a crime to treat ourselves with the gourmet coffee at our own home.

For that, we will need to venture outside of our average and brew up some fresh ground Arabica beans coupled with our will power and indulge in the luxury of gourmet coffee while listening to Bill Wither’s Lovely Day.

health Benefits of coffee

Which Coffee is Good for You: Instant, Roasted Beans or Filter?

Have you ever thought “why coffee is so much popular”? Maybe the major reasons are its instant freshness and the variety in taste.

For the last five centuries, this particular beverage has undergone to a plenty of experiments. From the health benefit to the effect on the brain, everything was the part of these experiments.

Meanwhile, another group has tried to ease the process of coffee making. As soon as they found the most efficient process, they named it “instant coffee”.



What do you prefer – Instant or coffee beans?


Instant or coffee beans


The answer differs from person to person. In my experience, people who have enough time are the instant coffee-lover. It shortens their time and increases the productive time. But, you will find another group who love preparing coffee from beans.


If you are stuck between these two groups, you have some good news! This discussion is exactly for you.


What is Instant Coffee?


The name says it all. The instant coffee is the quickest way of making coffee. It looks like a soluble powder.

All you need is a cup of water. Mix and stir. Your coffee is ready!

instant coffee for health

Before the powder was invented, the coffee-making process was quite a hard and time-killing task.

Not everyone loved to spend time in grinding coffee beans and preparing it. So, the experimenting began.


American Civil War played an important role in discovering the process of instant coffee.

Then, coffee was already known as an energetic beverage.


So, the military supplied “coffee cakes” to the soldiers to keep them energized. The modern version of instant coffee took more time to arrive in the market for people.


You will be amazed to know the name of the first inventor of instant coffee. George Washington! No, he was not the president of America. George C. L. Washington, an American businessman discovered the method of making soluble coffee powder.


He launched it for the first time in the market from his company. And, people came to know about a more timesaving method of enjoying this beverage.



What about Coffee Beans?

Kaldi, a herdsman was the first discoverer of coffee beans. Consequently, he found out the roasted beans are tastier and easier to process.

In the last three centuries, coffee has seen plenty of modifications in its preparation. New tastes, new processes, and new varieties have become popular.

coffee bean drinks healthy or not

The whole evolution of coffee has been possible because of the beans.

Though it takes time to prepare a cup of coffee from beans, the taste is totally authentic.


Are you thinking about the authenticity of instant coffee?

Hold it right there!

We will discuss it after a while.



How Instant Coffee is Processed?


Making coffee from roasted beans requires plenty of effort. On the other hand, instant coffee takes a few minutes. But, the process of making a soluble version is quite time-consuming.


There are two ways of manufacturing instant coffee. The first one is the freezing method and the second one is spray drying.


The freezing method takes more time and costs more than the second method. At first, they dry the roasted beans properly.

Then, keep it for freezing for a long time. When the beans are perfect for grinding, they make the soluble powder using extreme pressure.


Finally, the processed sugar powder and milk powder are mixed with ground coffee powder. The mixture is pressurized again. And, it is done!

The best part of the process is having a perfect mixture of three different ingredients.



What about the Authenticity of Instant Coffee?

Here we come! A lot of people storm the internet forums asking, “is the instant coffee tastes the same as regular coffee?” To answer the question, it does not taste like regular coffee.

About authenticity, instant coffee has the same ingredient that you use for your regular coffee.


Because of the processing and external factors, the taste gets distorted somehow. And, this does not affect the taste. It remains almost the same.


The final thought of the instant coffee, “This is the same as the regular coffee”.


Coffee Preparation techniques

Coffee Preparation from Roasted Beans


Actually, this is the oldest way of preparing coffee for drinking with morning breakfast or evening snacks. The process is described step by step.


Step 1: Grinding: Coffee beans or seeds look like peanuts. The coffee beans you buy from the market are the roasted beans.

No wonder you cannot make coffee from them. You need to process them through grinding.

So, put the beans in a grinder and make fine coffee powder.


Step 2: Espresso Machine: Most of the varieties of coffee are made from the espresso machine. The easiest way of explaining the process is the extraction of coffee from the beans.

In the market, you can find specialized machines for the purpose.

However, if you want to save some money, espresso coffee can be made without the machine. Use a French Press, Moka Pot or AeroPress.


Step 3: Mixture: With the espresso coffee, mix milk (depends on your preference), sugar (as much as you need), and drink with joy.



Instant Coffee Making

By now, you have already got the process. Just add hot water and mix the soluble coffee. Stir it for a while. Done!


Filter Coffee: Is it another version of instant coffee?



Filter coffee is basically an Indian-originated variety of coffee. In recent years, western countries are adopting the process for making a soft and sweet coffee.

The process is quite simple. First, the beans are ground perfectly. Then, the hot water is added using a special metal filter.


The brewing method makes all the differences with the cappuccino and latte. Milk and sugar are added accordingly. It takes less time than the espresso coffee.


On the other hand, filter coffee does not have any relation with the instant coffee. So, it will be better to keep them in different categories.


Brewed Coffee: A Universal Method for a Perfect Cup of Coffee


Like espresso coffee, brewed coffee has its own way. Actually, espresso is a brewing method.

You will find more like filtering, pressuring, or similar types of brewing processes.

Amongst all, espresso is the best way to get the exact amount of extract.



How Do Brewed Coffee and Instant Coffee Have Different Taste?


The temperature does all the magic.


For instant coffee, freezing is the most deliberately used method.

The low temperature dries all the seeds and keeps only the useful parts of beans. And, what is the process of brewing?

For brewing, the hot water is added to the ground coffee in different measures. It helps to dissolve each part of the beans and increases the taste.


This is why the tastes are different.



Are Ground or Roasted Coffee Beans is Better Than Instant Coffee?


Not in every way, but in most cases the traditional coffee-making process with roasted and ground beans is better. Let’s compare them in different aspects for getting the true idea.



How much customization do they offer?

For instant coffee, you will not get enough opportunity to apply your creativity. You need to follow the exact formula stated on the package.


Doesn’t it irritating? Think about the boundary. You may want a strong black coffee.


But the instant coffee is giving you only a cup of cappuccino without frothing.


On the other hand, consider every possible way of making coffee from beans. It opens up all the ways and gives you full freedom to customize the taste.


So, roasted beans have better customizability. Instant coffee is like the cereal you drink. Everything is formulated.



Do Tastes Vary?


Of course!

Instant coffee has a constant taste. But the traditionally-made coffee may have different results depending on different methodologies.




Do they have Equal Health Benefit?


This has become a recent topic. After some studies, scientists have found out external ingredients used in instant coffee.


Well, most of them are responsible for high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes.


At the same time, coffee from roasted beans can cure those diseases. Without any doubt, the traditional way sustains in this field too.




Which One is Good for getting Energy?


Both of them are.

But, you should not exceed the limit of drinking coffee. Even for instant coffee, the suggested limit is four cups a day. Remember, four is the maximum number.



Are they Nutritionally Suitable?


While processing the instant coffee, the nutrition values are marked on the package. The only thing that can bother the drinker is the amount of fiber.


Roasted beans contain more fiber than the instant coffee. If you are trying to lose some pounds or repair your digestive system, roasted coffee is the best option.



What Will You Pick?


For coffee lovers, they should keep roasted beans, instant coffee, and filter coffee at home.


You know why? Apparently, each of them worth drinking!


What is your choice?


Let us know how you prepare the coffee for yourself. Get a suitable variety of coffee for yourself. Enjoy!

drinking coffee benefits

Drinking Coffee Benefits : Good or Bad For the Body?

Why people drink coffee?  Why do you drink coffee?

The answer differs from person to person.

Some coffee-drinkers like the taste and some like the energetic aftermath. But, is there any health benefit? This is our discussion today.


Experts have been researching on coffee for a long time. Their researches ended up with a mixture of results.

For example, this beverage has the power to increase the energy level. At the same time drinking coffee is the reason for the bone loss!

You can look older than the reality for the excessive caffeine addiction.


The health benefits of coffee are so many.

This reduces the risk of liver cancer. Coffee enables a person to achieve a longer life. The eye gets sharper and more powerful for a regular consumption of coffee.

A daily cup of coffee can reduce the risk of sudden heart failures. Again, coffee contains caffeine that may not suit your health!

It causes hassles for the digestive system. Patients of hypertension should not drink this tasty beverage. Instead of having such side-effects, people love drinking coffee.



We will discuss it in the following sections. Let’s have a look.


What Attracts People to Drink Coffee?

Drinking Coffee tips

Well, the coffee itself is the attractor. The sweet fragrance and brownish color give an invitation to the drinker.

The first sip of coffee is always the best one. And, the people in Egypt used to call it the “wine of Arabia” because of such a feature.

The other reasons for being the most popular drink in the world are hereby given:


Variety: Coffee is not served in just a single flavor! A lot of varieties have been introduced since the first discovery of coffee beans.

Cappuccino is a sweet, impressing, and a popular variety of the beans.

Black coffee, on the other hand, has a different type of sturdy flavor. The preference also differs by time, location, and reason.


Flavor: The mesmerizing flavor of coffee can make anyone fall in love with it. The roasted beans provide a fragrance right after the first touch of boiled water.


Energetic: Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most useful drinks for enhancing the energy level.

People consume coffee in case of any pressure of work or tremendous occupational hazards.

Such an increment in the energy level has made it a great beverage.


Healthy: People find their health benefits more attractive than side effects. We are going to discuss more this in the latter segments. So, continue reading.


Family Drink: Anyone can drink coffee instead of infants. So, this universality has made this a family-friendly beverage.


What are the Key Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee?

Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee


Now, we are in serious business! Are the health benefits of coffee real? I assure you that all of them are scientifically proven.

Health and nutrition specialists have suggested coffee as an outstanding beverage if taken limitedly. You see, the limited means less than four cups a day. Take a quick look at the benefits.


• Energy Level


The instant effect of coffee is the boosted energy level. A cup of coffee has enough caffeine to make your brain smarter. How can a beverage increase the brainpower?

Well, continuous researches on the effects of coffee have made it clear to us.

Coffee mixes with blood cells and reaches the brain. A particular neurotransmitter, known as Adenosine creates fatigue and boredom.

Did you ever feel sleepy while solving a boring math question?

It happens because of the adenosine. Coffee directly stops the neurotransmitter for a while.

So, you can continue working without any sense of fatigue after drinking a cup of coffee.


• Fiber

Coffee beans contain one of the most important elements for our body, the fiber.

Green vegetables and fresh fruits are generally the regular sources of fiber. But coffee beans are richer in the amount of fiber.

Why fiber is required for the body? Simple, fiber strengthens the muscles and helps in burning body fat. Wait, what? Yes! Coffee should enter your diet chart.

All you need to aware of is the sugar. Rather than taking a spoonful of sugar, try to consume as little as possible. This will keep you healthy and get the full benefit of coffee.


• Metabolic Rate

Another surprising advantage of drinking coffee is the balance of metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate enables burning fat faster than any other supplement. Coffee is known as a natural source of reducing fat. An increment of a 3-12% metabolic rate is possible while drinking coffee.

The only problem is that the advantage lasts for a short time. The caffeine-addicted brain requires more and more amount of consumption.

Can you do it? Uncontrolled coffee drinking can cause multiple problems. We will discuss them too.


• Physical Performance

The bored brain cannot drive the body properly. It needs some fuel. Coffee plays the role of fuel for the brain.

An instantaneous boosted physical strength can be experienced shortly after drinking a cup of coffee.

It happens because of the release of the adrenaline hormone. So, make the beverage a part of your daily routine.

You will enjoy how the body reacts and increases the performance promptly.


• Nutritive

Have you ever thought about how coffee can fulfill the nutritional need of your body? Most of us don’t think like that.

Coffee is amazingly nutritive for the body. A perfect cup of coffee serves vitamin b2 and b5, potassium, manganese, magnesium, and niacin.

Coffee reduces the requirement of taking supplements. The basic idea of the supplement is fulfilling the nutrition gap of the body.

The coffee has the power to enhance the nutritive value. This advantage adds up another bonus point for drinking coffee. Right?


• Type-2 Diabetes Preventer


Diabetes has become one of the most common diseases of people. Scientists found out two reasons for such a happening.

One is the lack of insulin secretion. Another is the stress hormone. Coffee prevents both of them.

As soon as the caffeine of coffee mixes with the blood, it starts elevating the blood sugar level. Consequently, it stimulates the pancreas to release insulin. The end result is a continuous flow of insulin. There is no risk of type-2 diabetes!

Stress hormones are the creator of stresses, hypertension, and negativities. Adenosine is one of them. Coffee plays a vital role in preventing the secretion of the stress hormones.

Rather, the adrenaline hormone increases when someone drinks coffee. This is the best hormone for having an elevated performance.


• Strong Memory Tonic

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc. are the most disturbing diseases among old people. If you want to take steps for preventing these from an early age, start drinking coffee.

This beverage has the power to protect your memories against any odd.

Coffee has a strong influence on the brain and neural system.

The caffeine strengthens the neural system and gives a structure to remember each incident properly.


• Liver-guard

Do you have a liver problem? Or, are you afraid of getting one? The essential importance of drinking coffee is guarding the liver against severe diseases.

Regular coffee drinking provides necessary nutrition to your liver for getting rid of cirrhosis. 4 cups of coffee every day and you are 80% safe from having any liver cirrhosis.


• Happiness Tonic

Do you get frustrated frequently? Have your inner personality died of depression?

Trust me, depression is a serious disease nowadays. And, the only way to fight it is by having a positive lifestyle and a good mindset. All are the functions of your brain.

Coffee is the happiness tonic for keeping you lively all the time. Whenever you feel dull or bored, make a cup of coffee and drink it! Depression will vanish like magic!


• Cancer-fighter

Who else has thought that coffee can prevent cancers? Yes. The coffee has the element to prevent uncontrolled tissue-growth such as cancer.

It directly fights against liver cirrhosis, colorectal, and similar categories of cancer. The only way of making your body protective is by drinking at least 2 cups of coffee every day. The aftermath will surprise you!


• Heart-saver

Coffee has a strong control of the heartbeat rate and blood pressure. One of the main reasons for heart failure is lacking awareness.

The basic outcome of coffee is a lowered heartbeat and elevated blood pressure. That means nothing can make you unstable when you are caffeinated.

It implies the drinking of coffee as a life-saving element. An approximate 20% risk of heart stroke is lowered by consuming this beverage on a regular basis.


• Lifespan Increaser

Sounds interesting? Coffee has the power to increase the average lifespan. It also increases the average concentration power.

Actually, enhanced physical performance increases the zeal to live longer than the others.

The limited amount of coffee every day makes your cell powerful and regenerates more productive cells. As a result, the risk of sudden death due to accidents or brain stroke decreases.


• Antioxidant for the Body

Naturally coffee contains the antioxidants to make your digestion faster and smoother. People mostly add the beverage to their diet to get a good digestive system.

Only Good Sides? Is There any Negative Side of Coffee?

Negative Sides of Coffee


Of course! We have stated that coffee consumption should be limited to four cups per day. Caffeine is good for energizing and similar performance enhancement. But it can cause long-term disorders.


Blood Pressure

The limited caffeine stabilizes blood pressure. But, if you exceed the limit, this will raise the pressure and you will feel really sick!

For caffeine-intolerance, this beverage can be vulnerable. To get the taste and flavor, it is best to drink decaffeinated coffee.



Early Mortality

Coffee increases lifespan, as well as excessive coffee, reduce the living time. Hypertension patients should avoid this beverage at any cost. Otherwise, this can cost life!



Heart Attack

The beverage secures your heart. At the same time, elevated pumping of blood causes sudden heart attacks. Keeping a limit within four is the only solution to the problem.



Breast Cancers

People, especially, women are the victim of this risk. Coffee can turn your life into a tissue-damaging condition. The development of breast cancer cysts can get faster for coffee-consumption.




To avoid sleep and dullness, coffee is perfect. But this can turn into insomnia if you do it frequently. Coffee is really good as a beverage, but not an ideal substitute for the bedtime milk!

So, avoid coffee before going to bed.



Migraines and Headaches

Caffeine overdose is a major reason for your migraine. Yes! Neurologists have suggested avoiding coffee as a remedy for headaches.

In a short time, this will start conditioning the brain and you might not able to get rid of a headache without a cup of coffee. The habit will turn to a dangerous situation when the brain demands more!




Not everyone is capable of drinking coffee. This happens because of the caffeine. An allergic condition arises for those. Rashes, hives, and pains are common for caffeine-intolerable persons.




Women must not be addicted to coffee after forty years of age. The menopause situation gets worsened when you grow a habit of caffeine. The body system cannot get adapted to the sudden change in the bloodstream.



Skin Diseases

Are you a heavy coffee drinker? Beware of the habit if you want glowing and healthy skin. Coffee overdose can lead to a permanent skin issue by destroying the collagen.


When Is the Perfect Time for Coffee?


You should add coffee right after breakfast, in-office hours, and before dinner.

Growing this habit will make your body fit for any task and any condition. Keep a limit of four cups per day.



When Should You Stop Coffee Consumption?


It depends on the prescription of your doctors. If you are hypertension or heart patient, you should start drinking decaffeinated coffee.

Better, you should practice taking green tea. Infants and children under six years of age should not take any sip of coffee.

Old people should drink it like a tonic. Actually, you should never stop until the doctor prescribes it. But the limit is the key to healthiness.



How Do You Think About the Effects of Coffee?


Is it helpful for your body? What do you think? Does it make you a better performer at the office?

Share your opinion with us. Include coffee in your diet plan and see the effects.

Let us know how your body is responding. Suggest anything you know about the advantages and disadvantages of coffee.

history of coffee

History of Coffee: How This Beverage Reached Every Corner of the World?

What makes a morning better than anything? A cup of coffee!

The history of coffee is as interesting as its freshness.

After the first discovery of its refreshing and healing power, the beverage began to win the heart of people.

Here, we will see how coffee was introduced and emerged within a short period of time in every corner of the globe.

Coffee is a Recent Discovery


If you ask any person what they prefer, tea or coffee, the answer will vary. These two are ruling beverages all over the world.

However, tea was discovered thousands of years ago by the Buddhist monks of India.

The health benefit of Green Tea is well-known though the taste is quite a bit off! And, this is where coffee takes the steering of popularity.


The British took the North-Indian tea to a completely new level. Coffee has a different kind of history.

It comes in a condition where you need to collect beans, roast them, and brew properly.

These did not happen all at once. There is a beautiful story behind discovering the whole process.


Story of  Ethiopian Goat-Herder Kaldi

Ethiopian goat-herder, named Kaldi

Identifying the exact time period of coffee discovery is impossible. According to a lot of trustworthy references, the discovery of coffee happened around 500 years ago. And, it was done by an Ethiopian goat-herder, named Kaldi.


One day Kaldi was feeding his herd in a field. There he saw some goats were acting abnormally. When he got close and tried to find out the reason, he discovered something interesting. Those goats were eating a special herb seed.


Kaldi took some of the seeds to a nearby Sufi monastery. Hearing the incidences, they throw away the seeds in the fire to destroy. They feared the effect on the goats.


But, the next part is the most interesting one. The sweet and attractive fragrance of the roasted coffee beans mesmerized everyone in the monastery.


They named it “heavenly seed” gifted by God. To make it drinkable, they added the roasted beans in hot water.


This is how the first cup of coffee was prepared. In the upcoming years, coffee became the most popular drink among the people of Kaffa in Ethiopia.


Spreading of Coffee around the World


The actual unroasted coffee beans are way more different than the beans we find in our kitchen. The beans look like cherries.

However, after the discovery of the amazing effects of coffee, the Ethiopian monks started consuming it. During that time, Yemeni traders visited Istanbul quite often.


Some Yemeni traders brought coffee beans in the port of Istanbul and opened a coffee shop.

This is the first coffee shop in the world and it was in Mocha port of Istanbul.

Is the word “mocha” seem familiar? Yes! The Café Mocha or Mochaccino is named after this first shop.


As the port was visited by people from different regions, the spreading of coffee continued. Soon it reached Mecca and became one of the most famous drinks for the Muslim pilgrims during the praying time.


Egypt was considered a place of wisdom and knowledge. When coffee beans enter the Egyptian border, some people found it as an energy beverage. Cairo was the second city after Mecca which embraced coffee quickly.


Actually, you will be wondered about knowing that the reason for its increasing popularity was the aftereffects.

Muslims have to say their prayer for a long time. The Sufis of Mecca discovered that coffee makes it convenient to stay awake and say prayers with more concentration.


Introduction to Coffee Bars

Coffee Bars introduction


The ancient coffee bars of Mecca and Cairo started gaining popularity. People came to the qahveh khaneh to enjoy this delicious drink. These shops started overwhelming with people.


The arrangement of Belly Dance and Arabian music became an inseparable part of these coffee shops. These were for attracting customers. The idea of pubs emerged from such attractive events and coffee was called the “Wine of Arab”.


Such naming discouraged some religious people from consuming this beverage. They began to spread the word and did not succeed. People of Arab and near East Asia became a fan of coffee.


Coffee Entered to Europe


When Arab and the nearby parts were mesmerized by coffee, Europe was the center of power. This was the most developed region in the world.

European travelers (gypsies) came to visit the Eastern part of Asia. They heard about coffee and tasted it in real.


At the beginning of the seventeenth century, travelers and traders began to take coffee to their relatives in Europe.

This absolutely unknown beverage was welcomed warmly in Europe. But it did not continue because of fear. The aftereffects of coffee were too much to bear for some people. They started calling it “Satan’s Drink”.


The European column of religion was totally handled by the Pope. The controversy about coffee became the talk of the town.

People were afraid of taking this drink. Pope Clement VIII heard about this Satanic Beverage. The future of coffee in Europe depended on how he would react.

The next part is quite interesting. The pope decided to taste it by himself before taking any further decision.

He tasted and found it completely harmless. Religiously he approved the drink through the papal approval.


European Coffee Houses

Unlike an amusement place, coffee houses became the central point in the countries of Europe.

People gathered and talked on topics like politics, economy, trade, etc., in these houses which had already become the communicational centers.

The best part of introducing coffee in Europe is the replacement of alcohol. European people replaced their morning beer glasses with a cup of coffee.

Their energy was at a peak and the productivity increased consequently!

From the journals of the 17th Century, London was occupied by more than 300 coffee houses. Nowadays, the number has increased significantly.


Foreseen Future of Coffee


Coffee replaced both alcohol and tea. The production of coffee became a part of the European business. Societies considered this as a sign of national development.

Arabian coffee production was not the only source for consumers.

European people, mostly Italian people started cultivating.

Every nation of Asia and Europe were busy in finding a better way of coffee production.

Indian farmers failed and Indonesian people succeeded.


The Miracle Entrance of Coffee in America

Coffee in America


Right now, the citizens of the USA drink the most coffee in the world. But America had to get the first introduction of this beverage through a lot of miraculous events.


The French King Louis XIV received a present of coffee plants in the year 1714 from the Mayor of Amsterdam.


He planted the tree in front of the palace. After nine years, a naval officer carried one seedling from the grown plant to his next voyage. His ship was attacked by pirates and he reached to the Martinique Island of American continent. He sowed the seed.


It got the perfect weather to grow.


The rest is history!


In the next five decades, Martinique produced more than 18 million coffee trees. Almost fifty percent of the net coffee production takes place in Brazil.


This South American country was also gifted by one of the French elites. The generosity of a French Governor’s wife to Francisco De Mello Palheta played the most important role in it.


Along with a flower bouquet, she gifted a coffee seedling to Mello. He took it in Brazil and the plant grew amazingly.

Nowadays, Brazilian coffee has special fame for its taste. And, it happened because of the above miraculous event.


Where the Journey of Coffee Continues?

The journey does not end here.

The history of coffee is as colorful as its variations. People have discovered making different types of coffee. Espresso, cappuccino, mochaccino, latte, etc., have become famous variants of coffee.


Frappe or iced coffee was first discovered by Greek people in the 20th Century. So, there are more to come in the future.


Importance of Coffee in the World Economy

The proven health benefits of coffee are the actual reason for its importance.

Apart from the taste, the coffee is also a mean of global trade. A lot of national income depends on the production of this beverage and related items.

International trade of the roasted and unroasted beans covers a big portion.

Almost every country either exports or imports coffee beans. And, it started from the port of Istanbul 500 years ago!

A large part of coffee is exported to the USA. The productivity of workers increases and people can contribute more to production.


A lot of firms and companies have made it a mandatory part of their daily habits.




What’s Your Realization from the Journey of Coffee Beans?

Did you wonder knowing how coffee traveled throughout the world? Let us know your thoughts. What health benefits do you get? Will you give it a try to cultivate a coffee plant?


All you need is leaving a comment, suggestion, or opinion. The journey of coffee continues for centuries and it will continue in the future.


Take a sip and realize the discovery of this amazing beverage. Enjoy!