French Press Coffee Maker guide

French Press Coffee Maker Guide – Do You Need This or Not?

Espresso coffee is the ultimate piece of art for any coffee lover. Sadly, most of the espresso machines are expensive.

Thanks to the great human brains! French press coffee maker can brew the coffee as perfectly as any espresso machine.

As an alternative of the espresso coffee machine, French Press maker has gained a plenty of popularity all around the world. Convenience in using and the inexpensiveness of the machine are the catalysts for such boosted popularity.


The French Press Maker is a cylinder-shaped flask with a pressuring handle and valve. The whole setup is sufficient for brewing a cup of roasted coffee powder.

All it requires is adding hot water and putting pressure on the handle. Collect the brewed coffee extract from the flask and prepare your favorite cup of cappuccino or latte.

Before you start using the machine, this article will give you all the essential information. Let’s begin!



How French Coffee Press Was Invented?

french press coffee invented

The idea of creating an inexpensive brewing machine was patented in the late ‘20s. One of the French inventors played the role of a pioneer in this journey.


Meanwhile, the Moka Pot machine was ruling in the market. Some people found this as the best way for brewing coffee beans.

But putting the pot on a stove seemed hazardous for most of the coffee lovers.


Faliero Bondanini was the first manufacturer who brought the modern version of French Press Coffee Maker in the year 1958. Yes!

It took almost 30 years for developing the tool for coffee lovers. Because of the place of origin, the coffee maker is known as the French Press.



Easiness of Brewing: The Actual Reason for Using French Press Coffee Maker


Anyone can make espresso coffee with an espresso machine, right? In my experience, not everyone can afford an espresso machine. You will need money and passion at the same time. This s why the espresso machines got larger and been placed in coffee shops.

On the other hand, people who like to make espresso machine start buying the Moka pot and AeroPress. In the meantime, the French Press Coffee Maker started entering the market.

It is easier and far simpler in the mechanism. You don’t have to heat the machine like a Moka pot. Also, the French Press Coffee Maker brews 90% of the coffee powder which is incredible.



How to Use The French Press Coffee Maker?

French Press Coffee Maker uses

Making espresso requires hot water and pressure at the same time. If you have a French Press Coffee Maker, the whole process takes less than 5 minutes. Here is the full guideline to use the espresso maker.


Step 1: Roasted Beans

At first, you need roasted coffee beans. You will find in the market. The package may say properly roasted. But you have to rely on your eyes. Find the dark and strong coffee beans.


Step 2: Grinding

A simple coffee grinder is enough for this process. The question is, “how much should you grind?” For the record, the finer the powder gets, the easier the brewing will be. Got it? Keeping the powder to an average density provides the perfect taste.

Put the roasted beans in the grinder and grind it for a while.


Step 3: Filtering

The roasted beans may come with dirt and other unnecessary particles. You will find a lot of filtering pot in the market. They are cheap and have a plenty of usefulness. Bring one for your ground coffee beans. Remove the bigger particles using the filtering pot. Pour only the fine powder in a cup.


Step 4: Hot water

To brew the coffee powder, you must heat a cup of water. Get water and heat normally. Keep the temperature at around 100 degree Celsius. This adds the best brewing effect to the extract.


Step 5: Cleaning the French Press Coffee Maker

If you haven’t use the coffee maker previously, gently open the lid and clean it. The handlebar is generally metal-made. Use a clean rag to wash it. You will find a valve inside the flask. A little rinsing will be enough for cleaning the pressure valve. Once you have cleaned every part, let it dry for a while.


Step 6: Pour coffee and add hot water

Now, pour some coffee inside the cylinder. Depending on the size of your coffee maker, the measurement may vary. Generally, a spoonful coffee is the most ideal measurement for brewing purpose. Add half a cup of hot water. Hot, but not boiling. This should be enough to mix with the ground beans. Stir the mixture for a minute for perfection.


Step 7: Inserting the Plunger or the Lid

Adjust the lid on the flask and insert the plunger. Do it carefully. The plunger should remain above the mixed water. Leave this for 3-4 minutes.


Step 8: Press the French Press Coffee Maker

Finally, slowly and gently put pressure on the plunger. Put an equal and steady pressure on the plunger. Don’t leave it until the brewing is made.


Step 9: Pour and Enjoy!

Pour the brewed espresso coffee in a cup. Add milk, sugar, and chocolate to enjoy a beautiful cup of coffee.

When you are done, don’t forget to clean the machine. This decreases your future hassle. No wonder your performance on brewing coffee will increase with time!



Is French Press Coffee Bad for Your Health?

You see, the answer varies from person to person. How? The health condition is the actual reason of varying the answer.

We know of two cholesterols. Good and bad. If doctor prohibits you taking cholesterol, probably this is the time to stop using the French Press Maker.

But, wait! There’s more to find. Let’s have a look!


•  Increasing Cafestol

French Press coffee maker brews coffee without filtering the oils. One of these contains dangerous cafestol. This bad cholesterol is responsible for increasing any heart disease or liver problem. Excessive coffee consumption from French Press can lead to an unhealthy condition. I know what you are thinking.

“Isn’t there any way to remove Cafestol?” Yes! From the next time, include a paper filter before pressing the plunger. This little thing will take down the amount of Cafestol to the minimum level.


•  Stained Teeth

Who likes yellow teeth? Of course, none does. Another destructive effect of drinking coffee from French press continuously is teeth staining.

This coffee maker extracts and brews the beans from the deep layer. So, similar to the effect of tea, natural acids of coffee destructs the enamel layer of teeth.

Do you wish for such a disaster? Then, limit down the coffee consumption to 4 cups a day.


•  Malnutrition for Newborns

It’s true! Your baby will deprive of nutrition if you consume coffee during pregnancy. The fetus cannot handle such caffeine increment in the body. Ultimately, the mother may handle some post-pregnancy syndromes concerned with nutrition.


If you really want to enjoy coffee during the pregnancy, keep it down to 1 cup per day. The best way is drinking decaffeinated ones. This will not harm your baby and your love for coffee will remain the same!



Positive Health Effects of Drinking French Press Coffee

Health Effects of Drinking French Press Coffee

Aren’t there any good effects? When we are talking about coffee, there should be some.

The best part of the espresso from French Press coffee maker is its powerful taste. And, you will find the miraculous health benefits in the following:


•  Cancer Remover

Coffee, especially from the French press coffee maker has an ingredient called methylpyridinium. Though the name is hard to pronounce for some of us, its health benefit is awesome.

It is a cancer-fighter. Some decaffeinated beans do not contain this. Only French Press Coffee Maker preserves the element even after the immense pressure.


The compound fights with the cancer cells. This means you should start consuming coffee if a cyst is found anywhere in the body.

The regular consumption of methylpyridinium can eventually remove the cyst. Studies from oncologists have proved the effectiveness of this compound on the body positively.


•  Faster Brain Activity

Are you feeling dull during work? This fatigue occurs for the lacking in synapse activities. If brain cells start getting drained, it requires some important antioxidants.

A powerful cup of espresso contains these antioxidants to reactivate your brain cells. Take a sip and get energized in a minute!

The researches on brain cell and synapses have shown how the caffeine removes toxic from the synapse and neurons. The whole brain resurrects.


Now you know why coffee is free at offices. Got it?


•  Cures Memory Diseases

If you are forgetting things every now and then, this is possibly the sign of future Parkinson or Alzheimer’s.

You need to take precaution from an early age. And, what can be a better remedy than a cup of espresso every day!

Use the French Press Coffee Machine that helps to keep the coffee powerful and strong. Simply add some milk or sugar and drink it.

Don’t exceed the consumption. You see that can boomerang the effect.


•  Cures the Liver

Why do you need a healthy liver? To digest everything properly, right? But that’s just a little part of its overall function.

A healthy liver requires plenty of incentives to function. Among them, caffeine is a very important one.

This has to be raw and strong which is found especially in espresso coffee. What else better than the French Espresso Coffee Maker for raw and strong taste!

If you want to identify how much the coffee is brewed, the color says it all. The darker it gets, the better the brewing is.

French Press coffee maker gives you the darkest color. So, this surely has a strong and powerful taste which is good for your liver.



French Press Coffee Machine Maintenance

French Press Coffee Maker maintenance tips

The coffee maker is so beautiful that you can keep it anywhere. It fits anywhere on your shelf. However, cleanliness is a must. Here, you will find some caretaking tips of the French Press Coffee Maker.


The coffee maker is like a flask with a plunger. The varieties are available in the market. Nevertheless, the assembling is quite the same. First, keep the flask on a plain surface. Then, insert the plunger lid properly. This will fit accordingly.


Apparently, we have already discussed cleaning procedures. The tool is dishwasher safe. A simple rinse can remove the stains. You can use vinegar for maximum cleanliness.


Pressing the plunger has to be slow and steady. This gives the best result always. Maintain a gentle yet firm pressure on the plunger to get the most brewed beans.

Pouring water in and out

French Press coffee maker’s flask can either be made of steel or glass. Be careful while pouring hot water in it. This may create viable stains. Also, grab the handle while pouring to avoid any injury.


Keep the machine anywhere safe. But the exterior is breakable. To avoid any accidental breakage, store it somewhere out of reach from children. Some of the parts are not replaceable. Consider this as an important issue for the coffee maker.



Benefits of Using the French Press Coffee Maker


As you already know about the health benefits and side effects, let’s see some actual benefit of having a French Press Machine.


  • Price: Most of the French Press Machines are not pricey. Anyone can afford them. Well, this is the first contributing factor to have one at home.
  • Easiness: The coffee maker is usable in any condition and requires no electricity or heat. Such convenience has made it stand out from the other espresso machines.
  • Brewing: A perfect 90% brewing capacity is truly an incredible feature of the coffee maker. Only an electric espresso machine can beat such accuracy.
  • Durability: If you can find out the metal coffee maker from the market, you will be able to use it as long as possible. It can serve for a long time.
  • Compatibility: Users have admired the compact, stylish, and modern design for everyday use. For making up to four cups of coffee at once, this espresso machine is perfect.



What Do You Think Then?


After all these information, what is your opinion?

French Press can reduce your cost on getting a cup of cappuccino from cafés. You can simply make your own coffee at home. Being easy to use and convenient to handle has made it the people’s favorite manual espresso machine.

It saves a plenty of electric and restaurant bills. So, will you get it now?

Let us know. If you are using one right now, what are your experiences? Feel free to share. Have fun!

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