20 Coffee Healthy Benefits blog post

20 Healthy Secrets of Coffee [which Makes Coffee Taste Even Better]

Today, we’ll be uncovering some never-before-published secrets on coffee and its health benefits.

It’s about us, steering clear from widespread problems of coffee that is not made into news.

This maybe a recipe for your next Sunday morning of happiness and coffee galore.

It’s about breaking into the surrealistic world of a healthy addiction which can upgrade our lifestyle and Most Essentially it has got everything to do with coffee.


Can We Hack Our Body & Brain With Coffee? Can We Call ‘Coffee’ As A’ Health Food’?

Can Coffee Be The Next Liquid Gold? Where Do We Stand When It Comes To Health & Coffee?  How Far and To What Extent?


These confusions led us to research in-depth on evidence-based coffee facts.

On our pursuit for the final crowning achievement of what lies beneath the Coffee Health-Secrets, we carried several Coffee Trial-And-Error Tests.

Very soon we started to hack our brain, body and currently we are on the edge of making ourselves some true brain-hackers. All hail to the Coffee (indeed!). Throughout this rigorous research on coffee and its health benefits we drank vigorous cups of coffee.

This in turn, transformed our brain’s genes and proteins – which in turn transformed us into a whole new generation of coffee lovers.

And, yes we definitely unlocked some great answers and came up with some 20 best healthy secrets of coffee that (just like us) you should also know for the sake of mental-clarity.

Delve deeper….Because, these awe- inspiring and evidence-based secrets of coffee is for Anyone Who Loves Coffee.


20 Evidence Based Healthy Secrets Of coffee Which Makes Coffee Taste Even Better & Feels Good To Know:


20 Evidence Based Healthy Secrets Of coffee Which Makes Coffee Taste Even Better


1. Coffee’s Aroma can be An Unexpected Source Of Happiness

The warm welcoming freshly roasted coffee scent can be your unexpected source of happiness –that’s what research suggest.

In fact, you don’t even need to take a sip of coffee and magical things start to happen just the moment you start to brew coffee. Pour water over coffee grounds and simply within 30 seconds of the pre-brew stage the coffee’s aroma will start to send signal to your brain.

A second crack of coffee beans— and a host of process start in your body. Wake up next morning and brew some fresh ground coffee.

Take a sniff of it and you know it’s gonna be…a lovely day!

2. Coffee For Highest Brain Performance

New research sheds light on how a Caffeine-Fix from coffee may give your brain the jolt needed during the intense days of working tiresome.

So, what you may do is to optimize drinking coffee during work and simply take a sniff of coffee aroma when you get back home after a hard day’s night.

3. Coffee Keeps You Mentally Focused

Trouble paying attention? Trouble your mind no-more.

Because, drinking a cup of coffee will gives a caffeine surge.

This in turn, makes your cell start running. That in turn, makes your brain start rolling. Coffee’s all about intense action!


Time to drink coffee- let it hack your brain to bring on intense focus.

4. Drink Coffee To Lose Weight, Reclaim Energy

It’s like – Eat. Lose. Gain.

Rein in your appetite by drinking just a single cup of coffee and curb your hunger to lose weight while the caffeine-hits keep kicking your brain.

5. Coffee to Hack Hunger

Late night cravings? We all got that! But, we also got coffee body hacks rolled up in our sleeves.

Drinking black coffee is one way to free yourself from any sort of food cravings.

And, what’s best is that, adding a dash of cinnamon in your coffee results in a calorie-saving zero-cal beverage.

It’s time you write an Ode to Coffee!

6. A Cup Of Coffee To Bring Mind Clarity

Experience a noticeable difference by drinking an optimized cup of coffee each day.

An optimized coffee consumption brings mind clarity and focus to sustain without hyperactivity.

7. Coffee To Boost Your Energy Fast

Drinking a cup of coffee is one way to get an instant workday energy boost.

But, to keep the energy long-lasting there are things to consider. Too much of it and you’ll end up in a caffeine crash.


SO, how to get the coffee boost without the coffee crash?

The trick is to stay hydrated and drink coffee at a right time! Further discussion is down below:

8. Amp Up Your Coffee Game And Up Goes Your Life

Amp up your coffee game with a good mighty espresso machine or a Ninja Brewer.

Grab your holiday deal on a chic Espresso Machine Bundle offer and make perfect espresso drinks right  at home.

Whether you’re having or someone else is pouring – make it a chic coffee maker this Christmas.

9. Good Coffee Beans Vs. Conventional Coffee Beans And Health Effects

It’s important to choose your coffee beans wisely. Good ones are different than the conventional ones. Special bend of beans do not carry nasty contaminants.

What’s not to forget is that, – cheap ones will leave you feel jittery leading to sluggishness and brain wills start to betray you!

Be it an Organic one or an expensive coffee- all comes with harmful processing methods and hidden mold toxins which an invisible by-product.

When exposed to too much of mold toxins impacts cognitive performance. Not only that, mold on the coffee and having too much of it can cause serious damages as hypertension and what not.

10. Coffee To Prevent Chronic Diseases

Coffee consumption in moderate amount may help prevent- type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and liver disease. ((2006), 2007)

11. Coffee to relieve Migraines

Studies show that caffeine from drinking coffee does the job of getting a headache relief. Plus, it also helps in constricting too-wide blood vessels in brain which in turn gives a migraine-relief.

12. Get The Best Of Coffee For Mind And Body

It’s time that you upgrade your coffee. After all for a better action you do need better ones.

Avoid decaf coffee and essentially the natural processed beans. The natural processed coffee beans typically come with mold growth and that’s a sure no-no.

The best ones are the hand-picked coffee from single estate – the ones which are perfectly ripe and hand-picked for peak effectiveness.

That’s the way; you upgrade your coffee to the new height-standard for your maximum cognitive function.

13. Coffee For Better Physical Performance

Caffeine is indeed a drug of choice- an antidote in coffee to improve work performance. And, what’s best about coffee is that it improves exercise performance resulting in better physical performance!

Did you know that there is a renewed research interest on coffee related to sporting activities? What more?!

Since caffeine became a safe psychoactive drug from 2004, many well-trained athletes drink cups of coffee during competitions for prolonged endurance and better physical performance.

14. Feels Great And Tastes Even Better

Drinking a creamy cup of coffee is one way that feels great, tastes even better and this is how a cup of coffee can bring a new edge to your life!

15. Drink Coffee For its Psychoactive Drug Striking  An Unorthodox Genius in YOU

Now that you know caffeine is a psychoactive drug what can be the better source of it other than coffee?

It’s time to drink coffee, use the extra energy, perform like a rock-star and blow doors off your career!

16. With Coffee You Can Switch Things Up And Start Functioning Better

Certain times you’’’ find yourself to feel fatigued and need more coffee. Don’t fall in to the trap of Coffee’s siren calls and suffer from adrenal fatigue.

Stay strong with one cup a day limitation and it will no longer be a problem.

Grab a Black Americano for a no-nonsense crucial day and drink a Latte to chill and relax after all the crazy things just happened.

17. Coffee And Potential Health Benefits

Epidemiological studies reveal that drinking coffee helps in decreasing the risk of hepatic injury and cirrhosis. (La Vecchia, April 2005)

18. Hack Time & Sleep Better

Why do so many of us take coffee in the morning?  Maybe Starbucks told us to do so.

But, science shows us that drinking coffee at a different time can bring desired reactions which are actually beneficial.

For peak-performance drinking a cup of coffee just before hitting the bed restores alertness and caffeine starts to kick the moment you wake up!

19. Best Performance-Boosting Cup Of Coffee

The tricky recipe formula for the best performance boosting yet fundamentally creamiest and delicious cup of coffee is as follow:

Unsalted butter from grass-fed cow + 1 spoon of coconut oil+ coffee

Put all of the ingredients inside your coffee maker, click it on and bam –drive a coffee taste-test all by yourself!

20. Miracle Weight Loss Pill And All Hail To The Green Coffee Beans

Scientists have identified that green coffee bean offers weight loss benefits.

There is something to do with the chlorogenic acid in the green coffee which helps in tremendous weight loss benefits.

Luckily, you can also get green coffee bean supplements which come with more concentrated levels of beans, and there happens to be 100% super green coffee bean capsules for better weight loss.

This must be why; green coffee beans are earning increasing popularity.

There you go, with our final crowning achievement of 20-something healthy secrets of coffee — meticulously illustrated to perpetuate your coffee romance.

Time to hit the Christmas Edition of the very new Ninja Coffee Maker and nothing comes close than to gift your loved ones a cup of golden coffee- a Christmas morning joy – a cup of sure delight!

Most importantly, with all the newfound energy of coffee revealed – now it’s your turn to kick some ass on the upcoming morning and – there’s the mighty healthy cup of coffee to do the trick!!

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