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How to clean a coffee maker in 6 Easy Steps

Often the ESPRESSO, Rarely the CAPPUCCINO. Often the AMERICANO, Frequently the DRIPS.

A Coffee Maker can brew it all: – on-demand – hot n’ quick.

These brewers come in different sizes, different compartments, different materials, and fineness.

And there are things to consider before buying a coffee maker.


Sounds familiar? – If not, then first and foremost have a quick go-through on –  Things to consider before buying a coffee maker, which we covered last week.


Found your perfect do-it-all coffee maker? Glad to know!


But things fall apart and so can your Coffee Maker if you don’t take its responsibility.

What does it mean for you? To brew drinkable coffees you need to essentially keep your precious Coffee Maker as clean as possible.


Why Should You Clean Your Coffee Maker?


Before delving into the ‘how’s’ let us first put some light on ‘whys’ to clean a coffee maker.


Knowing the reasons is a sure-fire way of motivation to immediately plunge into the – ‘do- something to the dirty coffee maker’ action.


Reality Check:

coffee maker clogged & solution

Wonder why your coffee maker is suddenly working slowly? Wonder no more.


  • Your coffee maker is clogged with mineral deposits in residues inside. It’s clogged because it’s dirty and it’s your fault. However better that you realized soon before its ultimate ruin.

It’s high time now, and you can handle the clogged Coffee Maker’s tragedy by effectively cleaning it with the upcoming know-how provided here.

  • Coffee Maker is a surprisingly good place for bacteria and mold accumulation.

Each time you brew deposits builds up inside the machine.

  • Left the water chamber closed after brewing your cup of coffee?

Well, that is how you started welcoming the molds and bacteria inside the moist and wet coffee maker.


Now, don’t excuse yourself by assuming that ‘all’ bacteria are helpful!


The mold and bacteria accumulated inside the coffee maker when sponged with germ-ladden soapy ones sitting in your sink can lead to potentially harmful bacteria hazard.


So, before sponging your coffee maker, your Mr. SpongeBob Squarepants also need to be properly squeezed, damped and zapped to kill its bacteria.


That being said, cleaning a coffee maker is not at all like the regular ‘sponge n’ splash n’ wash’ in the dishwater!

Side-by-side hot water won‘t cut the germs.

To keep your java tasting fresh your coffee maker needs some extra attention.


Of course things are different if you are okay with gross coffees coming out slow—LY and very-very slowly out of your coffee maker.



How to Clean Different Types of Coffee Makers Like a Pro? 


Each type of coffee maker has its own recommended methods for cleaning. However, the basics are pretty much the same for almost all sorts of coffee makers; which is-

Consistently clean the coffee maker focuses on residues and germ build-up.


Different Types of Coffee Makers Are As Follows


How to Effectively Clean Your Coffee Maker?


The most effective way to clean your coffee maker depends on the frequency of its use.

The key-step of making the coffee maker germ-free is to make a “Cleaning Regime” for your coffee maker.

The cleaning regime is almost same for all types of Coffee Makers and Cappuccino Maker –

Gentle cleansing every day with vinegar run-through while decalcifying once per month”


To make things easy, there is a magic ingredient in deed.

Side-by-side there is also an effective cleaning procedure to get the job done perfectly and thereby brew better-tasting coffee.

The best way to keep your coffee maker clean is to clean it immediately after your brew.


The Magic Ingredients for Cleaning Any Coffee Maker-

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Hot Water



How Do You Deep Clean A Coffee Maker?


Deep cleaning a coffee maker is essential when the coffee maker starts to get clogged with all the deposit build ups.


Here is the fastest and easiest way to deep clean a coffee maker which includes the following steps.


Step 1: Disassemble 

Remove the coffee maker parts and components. Wash them in mild soapy water. Reassemble back.


Step 2: De-stain

Brew up a solution mixture of baking soda and water just the way you brew your coffee. This will take off any hardened coffee stains and residue build-ups.


Step 3: Soaking

Let your coffee makers inside soak in the brewed baking soda solution for couple of minutes.


Step 4: Rinsing And Discarding

Rinse thoroughly with water. Make sure to clean the carafe by using a brush or paper towels.

Change old disposable filters with new ones.

If your coffee maker comes with a permanent filter then dump out the grinds , brush and wash away all the residues stuck inside.


Step 5: Disinfecting

Make a concentration of white vinegar (4 cups) and a little amount of water. Start your coffee machine and run a brew-cycle. wait for an hour. This will disinfect inside. Run the vinegar cycle monthly.


Step 6: Decalcifying

Store –bought decalcifying tablets and liquids can do the trick and prolong the life of your coffee maker significantly. 



How Do You Clean A Drip Coffee Machine?


No one wants a burnt cup of drip coffee. It’s plain disgusting!

But what made your drip coffee taste so bitter? It’s your dirty drip coffee machine which needs to special attention and ASAP cleaning.

So how do you fix your drip coffee maker back to its state?

To make your drip coffee brewer itsy-bitsy clean follow the deep cleaning steps discussed above.

But then again, let’s give a small minute of a go-through walk.

cleaning coffee makers steps


So, this was our take on cleaning a coffee maker to brew a good cup of coffee.

Hope this post was helpful!


As Always —-

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