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How To Remove Coffee Stains

Oh the curious case of many flavors and colors of coffee!


But before indulging in its handful of flavors and shades of brown let me share with you an iconic fact about it.


While creative commoners are daily updating on various Coffee Staining tricks some of us might also enjoy the tempting though of dyeing our hair with it.


Curious Case Of Coffee Stains



What if  while taking your daily sneaky nap at your office the most dreadful thing happened?

You spilled a mug full of coffee on yourself and all over the place.

You got a Stain Disaster now!

why Coffee Stains


The tidal wave of your coffee splash started from drenching parts of your white shirt then your pants and then dripped to the floor.


The worst part? Oh there was a laptop in the middle too.


Moreover it also drenched your happy feet rug.


Don’t panic!


Because we got the perfect solution rolled up on our sleeves to make that stain vanish.


Beginning from fabric stain to wooden desk stain we got you covered.


Reason Behind Coffee Stains


Many people are naive to the fact as to what causes coffee stains brownish in color.


This stubborn stain has everything to do with the science and chemistry behind coffee roasting and brewing process.


Fresh Coffee beans itself contain Tannin. Tannin is a plant-based which is responsible for the brown color of coffee.





Brewed coffee undergoes a complex process of caramelizations and breaking down thousands of compound like aldehydes, amino acids acetic acids and so on.

Tannic acid and melanoidins created during roasting of coffee brings change to its color.

The final hot cup of roasted coffee when bought into room temperature immediately starts the process of oxidizing.



So what do we get from here?


▲ Coffee Stain is Tannin stain and falls into the oxidisable stain category.

▲ Coffee stain can be efficiently removed by oxidizing agents



What Can You Do To Remove Coffee Stain Effectively?

spilled coffee on car

Option A: Hazrdless And Instant Option


Within all these years a whole new world of technology has happened and a lot of chemical changes have occurred significantly.

Go for the bleach-free, non flammable stain removers which are specially formulated for coffee stain. It will save you both energy and time.

If your cup of coffee had milk in it then use detergents with enzyme in it.



OPTION B:  The Hacks


Given that you have the time or maybe it’s late midnight that you are in a coffee stain elimination spree with no stain removing chemical products at your hand.

You can always try to incorporate some good old household natural cleaning ingredients in your home experiments.


However keep in mind the following basics:

  1. Treat Promptly. Leaving the coffee spillage will make Coffee stain set deeper. Remember the oxidizing process we discussed earlier? The sooner you bloat and wipe up the coffee spill the easier it becomes to remove the stain. And please remember to ‘blot’ only and not to rub. While blotting place an absorbent fabric to catch the residue.
  2. Before attempting any homemade stain removing tactics always get proper information about the ingredient and its action. For example Vinegar is known to be a good household cleaning item to remove stains. However, using vinegar on wooden furniture will shade the wood’s vitality and color.
  3. Launder with bleach only if it’s white fabric. It is because colored fabric might get discolored if bleach is used



DIY Home Hacks : Effective Ways Removing Coffee Stains

 cause and effect of coffee stains


Following the above basics of blotting as much coffee as you can go for your trusted home ingredients.

•   Mix up a tablespoon of white vinegar with 2 cups of lukewarm water and 1 tablespoon of liquid dish cleaning solution.

With a white lint-free cloth sponge the mixture directly on the stain and do it frequently.

Nothing to hurry. Keep sponging time to time and soon the stain will disappear with repeated application.


•   A solution of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia applied on the stain is also supposed to work.



coffee stains on cloth & removal tips



•   Make a paste of the following formula and cover the stain.

Laundry detergent + equal parts white vinegar + cold water

After covering the stain with the paste let it stay for few minutes and then with a toothbrush gently brush the stain away in a circular motion.


•   Simply cover the stain with rubbing alcohol and blot with clean wet cloth.


Caution: Test a portion of the fabric that stays hidden to check if the above mixture does not discolor.

mug and ceramics stains removal ideas



Scrub baking soda on the mug or ceramic item directly.

If that does not work then make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

You will see bubbles forming. Brush the coffee stain away. 



How To Remove Coffee Stain From Teeth?




Google for ways to remove stain away from teeth and yes, you will find out a little bit of hydrogen peroxide works wonder.

Some may suggest to rub your teeth with strawberries to get rid of the stain.

But being a heavy coffee enthusiast myself, following are the tried and tested measures that best worked for me:


  1. Lightly dab your brush with Activated Charcoal powder and brush your teeth for a minute or two and rinse thoroughly. Doing regularly will help you getting the stubborn coffee stain out.


  1. And just like Activated Charcoal, although turmeric might seem like it is going to stain your teeth yellow however, using organic turmeric powder helped my teeth from getting the stain out. Wet your toothbrush on a mixture of ½ tablespoon of turmeric powder and ¼ tablespoon of coconut oil and brush your teeth regularly with it. Within couple of days you will start noticing significant result.


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