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How to Store Coffee [All You Need To Know About Storing Coffee Like a Pro]

Coffee! This one word brings smiles on most of our faces. Why?

This tasty and fresh beverage has the power to regenerate the energy level.

For getting the maximum freshness even after weeks of buying coffee beans, you should know the most useful techniques to store it.

The storage facility mostly depends on the condition of the coffee. How?

For unroasted beans, you need to apply a technique which involves less connection with the air or external environments.


To store coffee beans for short times, keeping them inside the package with a plastic clip will be enough.


In order to increase the freshness for several weeks, you may use an airtight jar. Freezing is okay, but for once!

Yes. You cannot freeze the coffee frequently. It gets stale and every bit of the refreshing coffee flavor will be gone forever.

A completely different approach is applicable for storing ground coffee. Rather than doing any of these, just keep them on the shelf in the package with an airtight clip.

This will preserve the coffee powder for a long time.

Some people choose to store unroasted coffee beans in the basement or cellar at home.

Let me remind you guys.

The main enemy of your favorite coffee beans is the moisture. Such stupidity can ruin the entire package.

Do you wish for such a disaster? Well, none does! And, this is why you should go through the following sections.


Why Storing Coffee Beans is Important?

why Storing Coffee Beans is Important

Because you want it tastes like new!

Coffee beans are very delicate in the natural condition. What happens when you take a sip of coffee in the morning?

You get instant energy.

Coffee has an amazing ingredient called caffeine that makes you energized. The exact technique of storing coffee beans and powder preserves the freshness.

On the other hand, a dull and moisturized cup of coffee may destroy the entire happiness of your morning breakfast.


1. Storing Helps It Lasting for Long

If you are a coffee-lover, you know very well that coffee beans are expensive. Sometimes it becomes difficult to get high-quality beans too.

To enjoy the flavor for a long time, the storage facility has to be top-notch. If you can store it for a long time without ruining the flavor or fragrance, this will save a lot of money.

This is the major reason for knowing the exact technique of storing the beans.


2. Preserves the Flavor

The actual taste of coffee lies in the freshness of flavor.

You will not get the proper feeling unless you can sip a well-stored and well-preserved coffee. Moisture destroys the flavor and creates a dull fragrance. When it mixes with water, the actual taste gets lost.

So, perfect preservation is very crucial for enjoying the flavor for a long time.


3. Storing Saves Money

Coffee is not produced in most of the countries. A country requires importing it from other coffee-producing countries. The price fluctuates a lot because of this reason.

Again, the price of a high-quality bean may rise without any warning.

Having a storage technique makes it easier to drink coffee, even if the price is high. Got the answer?

So, you have to store it to use in the future with the previous price.


4. Store; Because Collecting Coffee Can Be Good For You

The taste of Brazilian coffee is different from Italian beans.

But you may like both of them. Becoming a bean collector is a very common thing for the coffee-lovers.

The collection is not everything unless you know the exact method of storing them in your kitchen. Make a collection of different ground coffees with the proper technique described here.

Now, you know that coffee beans are must be stored. How often should you store the item? Let’s have a look at this point.



Do You Need Coffee Beans Frequently or Occasionally?

Coffee Beans storing tips


Knowing this answer is very important.


Experts have recommended purchasing only the required amount of beans in order to make it easier for storing and using.


If you want to serve or drink it regularly, applying a long-term process is not needed at all. Packaging and other inexpensive ways will be better for the storage service.


At the same time, if you think that you want to taste the coffee after a month or a long time, you need to apply extra steps for such a thing. Frequent opening of the storing jar lets the air spoil the freshness.


It means that when you store the coffee for consuming it for a long time; try to open the jar without ruining the inner airtight condition.


Occasional coffee drinkers have a different type of problem in storing the beans. In a lot of cases, they forget to take care of the jar and the beans get stale.


Do you think of something? Then, do not open the jar regularly.


Different Steps For Storing Coffee

Well, till this discussion, we have seen almost all the possible factors about coffee storing.

Depending on the differentiation of the coffee conditions, we will discuss the storage procedure differently.

Let’s see how you can make this perfect for the next sip.


 How to Store Roasted Coffee Beans?

Generally, by knowing the “coffee storing techniques” we learn about roasted coffee storage. There are three ways you may apply to keep the beans fresh.


• Storing Roasted Coffee Beans in Normal Package


Each manufacturing or processing company provides a Food Grade Package during the sale.

This is possibly the most inexpensive way of using it as storage. Just cut the upper portion horizontally. Keep a plastic spoon inside the package for using it during the coffee-making process.

You can also use silver or wooden spoons. But plastic spoon works better and preserves the internal condition fresh.

When it requires closing the package, simply fold the cut portion and attach them with a clip. You can use a clip or stapler for closing the package. Never forget to fold before clipping it.



• Airtight Jars are the Savior of Roasted Beans

There are a lot of buying options in the market for jars and pots. Not all of the jars are airtight. Some of them are vacuum jars too.

There remains confusion between these two types of jars. The vacuum jars are not good for preserving anything for a long time. Rather than buying it, purchase an airtight jar.


Why airtight jars? It saves the beans from moisture.

Generally, the lids of airtight jars have a different type of lid. If you need a spoonful of coffee, open the lid and take it out easily.

There requires absolutely no reason to be concerned about getting moisture. The air will not pass through the lid.



• Special Coffee Cans

Where there is a need, there is a solution!

Understanding the problem of the experts has invented special coffee canisters. These are made in order to keep the roasted beans preserved for a long time.

All you have to do is purchasing one and pouring the beans in it. Later on, bring out the beans and grind it for having a beautiful coffee experience.



The 3 techniques discussed beloware for roasted coffee beans. Now, let’s have a glance at the storing techniques of coffee powder:


√ How to Preserve Coffee Powder

Don’t you like extra effort for a tasteful cup of coffee?

Then, you should purchase a coffee powders. There are some famous international brands that manufacture the best quality powder.

These are also required to preserve the best techniques.



√ Pour it in a Mason Jar or Airtight Jar

After you purchase the powder package, cut the upper part carefully.

Pour all the powders into an airtight jar or a mason jar with a lid.

Confirm that the lid works perfectly and makes the internal part fresh.



√ Take It to A Normal Temperature

Heat and excessive cold are equally harmful to the taste of the coffee powder.

So, don’t take the jar near an oven or inside a refrigerator unless you have to store it for a long time.

Keep it somewhere the temperature is normal.



√ Put the Jar on A Shelf

To save it from the reach of children and pets, keep it carefully on a rack or shelf. As we stated earlier that the temperature of the room should be normal, you must keep it away from the oven or an AC.



How to Store Unroasted Coffee Beans?

If you are a seller or distributor, unroasted coffee storing can become a serious concern for you. But the solution is quite simple.

Unroasted beans are like dry fruits. What do you do to keep an apple fresh for a long time?

You freeze it!

Though we suggest not freezing the roasted beans, unroasted beans are completely safe to be preserved in a freezer. There are three steps to make it done properly.


      1. Sorting out the beans

Among the unroasted beans, not all of them are green. Sort out the brownish-black beans and green beans separately. It is necessary to save the beans from getting stale.


2. Packing

Pack them in different airtight packages. Make sure that the package becomes airtight. Each package should contain a similar type of beans as we have sorted in the previous section.


3. Putting in a Sack

After the packing is completed, these are required to put inside a sack. It can be either made of plastic or fabric. Depending on the size of the freezer, adjust the sack size. Confirming the freshness should get the highest priority.


4. Keeping Down the Temperature

Remember that you are not preserving meat or fish in the freezer. The unroasted beans have a little delicacy with the temperature. You have to adjust the temperature to a minimum level to match with the room temperature.


Do you need more? Well, these are all renowned techniques for preserving coffee in roasted, unroasted, or powdered conditions.



Things to Remember While Storing Coffee

Proper storing is not the ultimate solution for enjoying coffee for a long time.

Actually, you should have an understanding of the environment handling.

Coffees are mostly produced in neotropical regions. It is the major reason for heat sensitivity.


To solve the issue, you have to follow the following tips!


• Buy A Little


If it is possible, don’t buy coffee more than you need for a week. This is the ultimate rule for having the best quality taste in every sip of this amazing beverage.

However, you may want to ration the beans for the future as we have discussed previously. That will be a completely different consequence.

Every time you purchase some, you are actually opening the already tightened and preserved beans. And, the result of such purchase is continuous fresh taste without building any storing facility.



• Clean the Kitchen Frequently


The beans become damped in a moisturized condition.

Roasted coffee beans have to be preserved in a neat and clean environment.

This requires cleaning the kitchen regularly.



• Adjust the Room Temperature at Normal Level


Though the cold temperature may comfort you, this can be destructive for the taste of your favorite beans.

Either you can keep it far from the air-conditioned region or simply keep it at normal temperature.



• Tightening the Lid


Each time you open the lid of the jar or upper clip of the package, close it promptly after taking out the required amount.

The lid should be tightened properly so that no air can pass.

Any connection with the external environment causes dampness and moisture.



• Never Wash the Jar, Clean it With Dry Cloth


If you are going to refill the coffee jar with a new package, clean it properly with a paper towel or dry cloths.

There is a strong possibility of creating rust when you apply water.

A piece of clean dry cloth is the best option for cleaning the jar.


Which Storage Technique Will You Choose?


After discussing all the methods and tips about coffee storage, which one attracts you the most? And, which one of these tips you find useful?

Let us know. Keep it on the go. Take the fresh sip of every coffee drop.

Store for the future and make the best cup every day.

Leave any suggestion or your experiences during the process. Are you on it? Enjoy!

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