How To Make Espresso Without Machine (3 Ways Making 5 Different Delicious Coffee)?

Espresso coffee is a love! Why? To get the answer, you must take a sip. The creamy circular appearance with a mesmerizing fragrance makes you fall in love.

The espresso coffee is the fully extracted elements of  coffee by pressurizing. And, it will become your favorite type of coffee right after the first sip.


For making a cup of fine espresso coffee, people usually use a specialized machine. You can reduce the cost if you know exactly how to make it without a machine. The taste remains equally good.

All you need is a little bit of knowledge and your effort for making it tasty.


The reason for naming it “espresso” is related to pressure. Unlike the other varieties of coffee, espresso has a different type of methodology.

Extreme pressure is used to prepare this darkish, pressurized, and dense coffee. People generally spend a plenty of money buying the espresso machine.


But, this can be replaced if you know the exact formula of the machine. An espresso coffee maker is used for roasting, grinding, and brewing. Simple, right? Little tools with your effort and passion for coffee will be enough to do these three kinds of stuff without any help of machines.


To prepare a cup of espresso coffee without the espresso maker, you will need fresh coffee beans, a regular grinder, hot water and any of the three pressing tools. These are an AeroPress, a Moka Pot or a French Press.


The process is quite easy. Grind the beans, put the ground coffee powder in the press, add some hot water, and press the tool.

This will produce 90% similar espresso coffee. Now, drink in whichever version you wish.



Espresso Coffee: The First Step of Your Favorite Version


Which type of coffee do you love the most? Pick anything from the menu and it will start by making the espresso coffee. The first step of making a cup of latte, cappuccino, macchiato, cafecito or cortadito, is extracting the juice from the roasted beans.

Don’t forget to thank Angelo Moriondo for breaking down the process of an espresso machine. The overall process was combined with a single machine. Now, we are trying to make these processes one by one.



Why is Espresso Coffee Needed?


Because you want it to be tasty! 

Ground coffee beans give the flavor and taste of coffee. But, there are more! The espresso-making method extracts the flavor from each part of the roasted beans. A freshened, brewed, and perfectly blended coffee extract gives you a stunning boost.

In order to prepare any sort of high-class coffee, extracted flavor from the ground coffee powder is very much needed.

This is why the espresso coffee is a prerequisite and the coffee machines are in high demand. So, let’s hop into the process without machines!



3 Step by Step Process of Making Espresso without an Espresso Maker


You can follow three ways to extract the flavor and taste from the coffee beans. It depends on the available pressuring machine.


How to make making espresso with AeroPress

Using the AeroPress

This is the most inexpensive, convenient, and efficient way of making an espresso coffee. You can find the specially built AeroPress in the market. Then, collect the following things.

  1. Roasted coffee beans of high quality
  2. Grinder
  3. Hot water and
  4. AeroPress



Step 1: At first grind the beans with the grinder. Make sure each of the beans has been ground perfectly.

Step 2: Take a spoonful of ground coffee and pour inside the compartment of AeroPress.

Step 3: Add hot water in the compartment.

Step 4: Adjust the pressing lid of the AeroPress and press the handle downward.

Step 5: Keep the pressure slow but steady. The below part of the pressure will store the extract of the beans.

This process extracts at least 85% of the coffee beans. However, this depends on how are pressing.

Bonus Tip: Use a liquid filter between the ground powder and hot water to get the maximum result.


steps about making espresso with Moka Pot

Using the Moka Pot

Moka Pots are also available in the market. This is also a specialized substitute of the espresso machine.

The mechanism is quite different than a pressing tool like the AeroPress or French Press. It looks like a metal pot. You need to gather:

  1. Roasted Coffee Beans
  2. Regular Coffee Grinder
  • Water
  1. Stove or burner
  2. Moka Pot



Step 1: Use the grinding machine to grind the roasted beans.

Step 2: Pour and fill the lower compartment of the Moka Pot.

Step 3: Add normal water in that compartment.

Ste 4: Adjust the parts properly and put the pot on the stove to heat the water. Keep the flame to lower-medium level.

Step 5: In a short time, the hot bean extract will enter through the upper hole of the pot. Done!

Bonus Tip: Leave the upper lid open to avoid accidents.

The Moka Pot provides pressure with the boiled water. So, almost 90% of the coffee can be enjoyed with this espresso technique.



making espresso using the French Press

Using the French Press

French press is one of the neatest ways of extracting coffee beans. The tool helps in getting 95% of the extract from the beans.

If you are planning for making a delicious cup of cappuccino or latte, this will be the best technique to apply.

The following things are the prerequisites:

  1. French Press
  2. Roasted Coffee Beans
  • Hot Water
  1. Measurement cup
  2. Stirring spoon



Step 1: Grind every roasted coffee bean and make a fine powder.

Step 2: Open the lid of the French Press and take out the upper portion.

Step 3: Add water and beans. Stir properly and leave it for a minute.

Step 4: Adjust the upper part and press it. There are valves to keep the pressure constant.

Step 5: Pour the espresso in a cup and turn it into your favorite type.

Bonus tip: Grind the beans as small as possible to avoid clogs.



Where Will You Use Espresso Coffee?

The espresso coffee is a strong and dark extract from your favorite coffee beans. After you prepare it, you will get the opportunity to transform it.


tips about making different types of coffee from Espresso

Latte from Espresso

If someone doesn’t like the café latte, he is probably missing one of the greatest beverages of all time. Add frothed milk without any foam in your espresso coffee and mix properly.

You can use a motorized mixture for getting a perfect mixture. You need to add the milk on the coffee.


Cappuccino from Espresso

Cappuccino is the most popular coffee around the world for its creamy, silky, and frothing appearance. An evening is not an evening without a cup of cappuccino.

The making process is quite similar to the latte.

All you need to do is adding frothed milk. Mix properly. Stir for a few minutes to get the frothing beauty. The milk foam will give a nice feeling.

Similar to the latte, you have to pour milk on the espresso coffee.

Keep a proportion of the coffee and milk to get an amazing fragrance. Adding sugar depends on your choice. Frothed milk covers it for you.


Macchiato with Espresso

You have to reverse the steps of cappuccino for making a cup of Macchiato. Add the espresso on the frothed foamy milk. The amount of milk should be greater than the amount of espresso. Actually, this will depend on how you want to taste the macchiato.


Cuban Coffee or Cafecito

The simplest way to make Cuban coffee is adding sugar with the espresso coffee. This is basically the sweetened black coffee made from extracted coffee beans.



Add foamless frothed milk with the cafecito and your cup of cortadito is prepared!



Benefits of Making Espresso Coffee without Machines

  • Price: The espresso-makers are quite pricey. For industrial or business purpose, purchasing this will be a good idea for the maximum productivity. Otherwise, the machine is not needed for an individual user.
  • Energy: Espresso machines are generally operated by electricity. Who wants a huge electric bill? Rather, purchase the tools and make the best espresso.
  • Minimalist: None wants to see the kitchen messy and unclean. To avoid such conditions, you must purchase something that is small and less space-consuming.
  • Handy: The maintenance cost of espresso machines is high. On the other hand, the AeroPress or French Press does not require regular maintenance. These are handy, sturdy, and stable.



Disadvantages of Making the Espresso without any Machine

  • Inefficient: The extraction of coffee from the beans is not fully efficient in manual ways.
  • Amount: The amount is limited. You cannot more than 4 cups using this method.
  • Physical Effort: It requires using hand and old techniques for the espresso coffee preparation. If you have a machine for this purpose, this effort will no longer be needed.
  • Small Parts: There are lots of small parts in these pressurizing tools. You may lose any of that and the whole system will be useless.



How You can Enhance The Taste of the Espresso Coffee?


Yes. Add some chocolate powder or hazelnut to make a new type of espresso. Discover your own preference.

The freedom from machinery will give you a plenty of ideas to experiment on the beverage.

Find out your own recipe. Have fun with the espresso.



Spread the Word and Share Your Experience

Apply the techniques as soon as you learn. Why?

Identify the most convenient technique for making a great cup of café latte or Cappuccino with espresso coffee.

Surprise your invitees at the next party or family get-together.

Let us know which technique you are going to follow. Suggest anything that makes your coffee tastier.

Enjoy the new coffee ideas. Make each cup of coffee better than the others.

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