What is Gourmet Coffee

What Is Gourmet Coffee (Demystifying the Gourmet Coffee’s Extravaganza)?

These days, drinking a cup of coffee is not only to have a caffeine fix.

As it turns out when looking for a cup of coffee, one will often also look for sophistication, and sometimes one will also want to achieve a different unique experience.

Though nothing can compromise the best cup of quality coffee yet these days there is a surprising new trend among the coffee aficionados.

Now a day the coffee lovers are expecting more than just a mere caffeine-fix. When it comes to coffee there is a growing urge for various flavors, extravaganza, and different new experiences.



With these growing expectations, the coffee brewers are leaving no stone unturned to serve their customers the very best cup of coffee enriched with exotic ingredients and offering complete new drinking experience.


Here comes the surge of Gourmet Coffee and the world of Gourmet Coffee seems to be ever-evolving with an increase in expectations and preferences of coffee lovers.

But then again, what does the term ‘Gourmet’ means?


Simply stated, derived from a term used by the French wine tasters back in 19th century the term ‘gourmet’ when included with any beverage will mean that it has reached a refined and premium standard and is usually served in the finest dining establishments.



What Is Gourmet Coffee?

From the market’s perspective, ‘Gourmet Coffee’ might mean a new ‘packaging’ and ‘labeling’ marketing tactic targeted for a niche market however….. There is more to it.

When it is a Gourmet coffee, there is more to it than the marketing gimmick and the quality of the beans used in it.

To make a point, Gourmet coffee apart from its high-quality content also offers the drinker a coffee drinking experience as unique and as fascinating as possible.

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A cup of coffee has to meet certain criteria to achieve the qualification of being a gourmet.

Gourmet coffee can sometimes be synonymous with specialty or premium coffee but it should not be confused.

Gourmet coffee comes with elaborative preparation, different ingredients, high flavors, and of course packaged premium.


What Makes A Coffee Gourmet?

A cup of coffee is gourmet when it comes to better grade and quality compared to the regular ones.

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To make a point and to be more precise, real gourmet coffee comes from 100 % top-tier Arabica coffee beans cultivated in a completely different way.

It must be mentioned here, the majority of the grocery store-bought coffee comes with a mix of Arabica beans and Robusta.

The Arabica beans are superior beans and unlike the regular ones happen to be more aromatic and flavor- full.  The superior beans of the gourmet coffee are cultivated at high altitudes of hilly areas and highly-fertile volcanic soil.

Being cultivated in the volcanic soil these exclusively high-quality Arabica beans of the gourmet coffee are roasted for a precise time which imparts the beautiful fragrance and chocolate taste into it.



What Is The Difference Between Gourmet And Regular Coffee?


What Makes A Coffee Gourmet

The very underlying key difference between the regular and gourmet coffee is that gourmet coffee is made to taste different than the regular ones.


Gourmet coffees are extraordinary and come from 100% Arabica beans delivering richer aroma, texture and flavor compared to regular ones.


Gourmet coffee is supposed to deliver a unique coffee-drinking experience and comes with a high price tag considering the way of its production and packaging.


Gourmet Coffee Brands


To shake up the universe of hard coffee lovers and to bring distinction setting themselves away from the mainstream, coffee connoisseurs and brewers are introducing newer categories of luxury coffee premiums.

While in terms of serving the best gourmet coffee, some franchise stores such as – BIGGBY® COFFEE and Gloria Jean’s Coffees are known to be popular there are wide ranges of gourmet coffee brands available for coffee buyers.


To help to brew up your cup of coffee in a gourmet fashion, here is the list of the top coffee brands

  1. Kona Coffee Beans
  2. Dark Sumatru Mandheling Beans
  3. Allegro,
  4. Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Royale brand
  5. Kraft Foods’
  6. Maxwell House Premium Cup
  7. Sara Lee’s Chock full o’ Nuts New York Classics,
  8. Procter & Gamble’s Folgers Whole Bean)
  9. Flying Squirrel
  10. Blue Tokai
  11. Indian bean
  12. Illy Coffee, Espresso Ground, Medium Roast, 100% Arabica Bean Signature Italian Blend, Premium Gourmet Roast


The above is just a mere list when it is Gourmet Coffee we are talking about.

In fact, there are countless gourmet coffee roasters all around the world with coffee connoisseurs in search of exotic varieties.

It starts from the very part of Kenya offering affordable gourmet coffee to Africa providing varieties of gourmet coffee to the Ethiopian considered as the birthplace of coffee and ends to the Asians offering the most expensive gourmet coffee blends.

The list does not end here. For the gourmet coffee aficionados, the Caribbean coffee varietals is known to be second to none while Brazil, Panama, Colombia are known to be the world’s hottest gourmet coffee markets.


To Sum Up

That being said, coffee is a coffee after all.

What can a cup of coffee be without its good quality content in it? And time to time we can after all afford ourselves the luxuries of indulging in the extravaganzas offered by the gourmet cup of coffee.

It won’t be a crime and neither will it be a crime to treat ourselves with the gourmet coffee at our own home.

For that, we will need to venture outside of our average and brew up some fresh ground Arabica beans coupled with our will power and indulge in the luxury of gourmet coffee while listening to Bill Wither’s Lovely Day.

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